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Daily Tehillim Co-op

One of the ways we pray for the recovery of people who are seriously ill or otherwise in danger is to say Tehillim (Psalms), beautiful sacred poems which also comprise much of our regular liturgy. The form we use to pray is to mention the name of the sick person followed by his or her mother’s name, as, e.g., Miriam bas Yocheved or Yaakov ben Yitzchak.

B’nai Israel’s Tehillim group keeps a list of names of people for whom we pray on a daily basis, usually using the calendar provided by the Mirrer Yeshiva Junior N’shei to divide the book into daily portions. To participate in this group, to call in a name, or to update a person’s status, contact Diana Ruchelman, During the occasional periods when Diana cannot maintain the list, we will publish the name and e-mail of the substitute on this page.

Here’s a prayer to say before or after reciting Tehillim. It’s meaning is:

May it be Your will, Hashem my G-d and the G-d of my fathers, that in merit of saying these Tehillim, speedily send complete healing from the heavens, cure for the soul and cure for the body, to the sick people (read the list of names here), among the rest of the sick of Israel.