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OK to return your goods to your shtenders!

Tue., Apr. 4

On behalf of  the Board and myself I want to thank everyone who cooperated in the shtender clean out yesterday. We were able to do a much needed clean out of the sanctuary shtenders and we are now ready for a kosher Pesach. I invite everyone to return their personal property to the shtenders. I want to remind everyone to be careful not to bring any Chametz into the shul. Please be mindful of what your children bring in as well.

I want to remind everyone that books from our library are for everyone’s use. Please use and enjoy all those books but do not put them in your personal shtender (or take them home) without the Rabbi’s express permission. If you put it in your shtender you stop everyone else from an opportunity to enjoy it. Lets be considerate of our brethren (and sisters) and our own needs will be taken care of automatically.

Chag Kosher V’Somayach, Michael Mostofsky

Notes from Michele, Aug. 5

Last call – if you haven’t already, please leave a message at the office if you are planning to be at the Pre-Tisha B’Av Shalosh Seudos at the shul.  We want to make sure that there is enough food for everyone.

Adut Table


I’ve attached a picture of a dining room set that is being sold by the Aduts (who are moving to the West Coast.) It has two leaves and seats 12 comfortably opened up. Great for Shabbat and holidays. Solid wood. Bought for $3400. $750 OBO.  Please contact the office for contact info for Jennifer Adut.


Looking for something to do in August?  I’ve been told that a couple of the local museums (VB Marine Science Center & the Mariners Museum in Newport News) had a special admission price of $1.00 for the entire month.

Jul. 29: Danielle Leibovici e-mailed me yesterday the following message:  “I would like the community to know that since we won’t need most of our furniture when we move to California we are selling many pieces. Here is the link to craigslist with many pictures for many items. We will also be selling our 2014 Honda Odyssey which still has 15 more months of Honda powertrain warranty on it. We are also selling our China set that serves 12.”  The link is

Also, BINA is looking for an office desk and a small office/dorm size fridge.  If you have something like this and would like to donate it to the school, please call BINA at 757-627-2462.

Autobell for BINA

Message from BINA: Nothing like the winter we just had to wreak havoc on your truck or car. Not to worry: BINA can help your solve that problem!

For $15, buy a ticket for a car wash at any Autobell Car Wash. Locations include Virginia Beach Blvd right near Military Hwy Mall and First Colonial Road across the street from Target.
Help the school and help yourself. Contact Amy Lefcoe for tickets. Thanks for your support

BINA logoAutobell logo

Food Handler’s Permit

City of Norfolk. Department of Health requires that all who volunteer in the preparation of any foods in a public venue obtain a Food Handler’s Permit.

A public venue is any place where food is served to the general population, thus including our shul. In order for anyone to volunteer to work in the kitchen, whether it be for a Kiddush, Shalosh Seudos, or dinner, you must have a food handler’s permit. You can take a short course and obtain the card online at or,

Please file a copy of your card with Michele in the B’nai Israel office, so it will be available for Department of Health inspection when they visit. There is another form to be filled out once the card is obtained.

Disaster Relief

Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines has caused tremendous emergency need. Here are some agencies helping victims of Haiyan and other natural disasters:

Joint Distribution Committee Typhoon Response


Red Cross Typhoon Haiyan Appeal

Older relief efforts:

Gift Card Relief

We will add links as we get information about other reliable and helpful organizations.