Announcements, Updated Fri., Jan. 19

This week’s parshah: Bo
Candle Lighting Fri., Jan. 19: 4:59 PM

Respect Mikvah privacy! Do not use Washington Park door after dark.

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This Shabbos!
Send in your reservations and sponsorships ASAP!

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Toras Chaim Raffle!

Drawing to be held Feb. 2.

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purchase tickets online.

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Virginia Jewish Advocacy Day
Tue., Jan.30, 7 AM–4 PM
S_per S_nday—We can only do it with “U”!
Operation Hamentashen runs concurrently.
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Sunday, January 28
10:00am–1:00 PM

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Partners in Torah
meets Mondays, 8 PM
@ Simon JCC

for info and to order
by 8 AM Thursdays.

Call 410-610-7888 or
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Text NORFOLK to 31996
to receive future notifications.

Order by TBA.
Delivery is expected

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Save the Dates!
Shabbos, Feb. 16-17
@ B’nai Israel


Six-Week Series offered by the Kollel @ Simon JCC
Wednesday Lunch & Learn
At the
Leon Family Gallery
@ Simon Family JCC
Israel 360
Dana Friedlander
Sisterhood Flower Fund
The Sisterhood provides fresh flowers for the bimah for Yomim Tovim.
Mail contributions to Irene Mazel or Frances Berger.

Jan. 20–28
Locations vary per film.
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Simon JCC Children’s Winter Classes
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Stein Family College Scholarship
Click image for details and to apply by Mar. 30, 2018.

 Women’s Tuesday Learning meets
12 Noon @ B’nai Israel.

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Hurricane Relief:
OU helping Houston
and Puerto Rico
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B”H, more simchas to share.
Support The Ann Zukerman
Shtick Gemach to make
chasunas even more fun!

727 21st St., Norfolk, VA 23517
We’re past the fast.
Time for a savory meal!

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B’nai Israel and Jewish Norfolk.

Bnai Israel Walk-in Freezer Reminder
Once you’ve asked permission to store
a few items in the freezer, please be  sure your name is on your bag or box.
Items not clearly marked will be considered abandoned.
Such products will be thrown away or used by the shul at its discretion.

Food Policy Reminder:
Any food served or eaten
anywhere in the shul building
must be prepared in a facility that
is under the Vaad or be sealed
and bear a Vaad approved
Kosher symbol.
Homemade food is not allowed.
The only exception is in BINA
areas during school hours.



B’nai Israel Calendar

We’re getting ready to compile the latest edition of the B’nai Israel Calendar. This useful calendar provides a handy reference for local businesses, holiday candle lighting times, birthdays, anniversaries, and yahrzeits. The ads and inscriptions we sell and purchase help us raise funds to keep B’nai Israel Congregation active and healthy as the Orthodox Shul for all Jews in Tidewater.

Please join us in:

* Selling ads to operators of businesses you patronize and/or advertising your own enterprise.
* Buying ads with your personal messages or to honor or remember people .dear to you.
* Listing dates important to you and your family.

The forms linked below are modified for the website. You will receive these same forms in the shul e-mail on the full shul letterhead. Contact people you know who might benefit from reaching us as potential customers. Our advertising space is reasonably priced and reaches a group of very busy target consumers who appreciate the convenience of local businesses that meet our needs. Good for us and good for our advertisers!

See forms for due dates for submissions:
Cover letter for ads & inscription – 2018

Ad Blank for 2018 calendar
Form for Inscriptions