Announcements, updated Sun., May 28

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Shavuos Night Learning
Shavuos begins May 30 at sundown.
Learning starts midnight that night
with the onset of May 31.

BINA Girls’ Shavuos Program
@ Lefcoe, 11:15 PM

This week’s parsha: Naso
Candle Lighting Fri., Jun. 2: 7:00 PM

Memorial Day, May 29, 8–11:30 AM
Sponsored by Earl and Andie Pollock in honor of the Norfolk Kollel

The Ann Zukerman Shtick Gemach
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Back by Popular Demand: More Mussar Classes with Rabbi Gavriel Rudin
Jun. 7, and Jun. 21 12:30 PM
@ Simon Family JCC

 Partners in Torah

Location change this week only:
Meeting at B’nai Israel
following ma’ariv at 8:30 PM

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Visit the Kollel’s Audio Page
for a variety of shiurim.

Upcoming Graduations
(listed alphabetically):

BINA, Wed.,Jun. 21@ B’nai Israel

Hebrew Academy of Tidewater
Tue., Jun. 6, Sandler Family Campus, Multi-Purpose Room

Toras Chaim
Sun., Jun. 18 @ Toras Chaim,
Gomley Chesed Campus

Yeshivas Aish Kodesh
Graduation, Siyum, and Dinner
Mon., Jun. 19 @ B’nai Israel

Starting after Shavuos,
Tuesdays at Noon
@ B’nai Israel,
Tomer Devorah
to be taught by Amy Lefcoe
for the women of the community.

Chai Kiddush, Jun. 10 after services. Please submit dedications by Wed., Jun. 7.

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Dr. David Lieberman
Ann Zukerman Scholar-in-Residence
Shabbos, Jun. 16-17
Make your dinner reservations now!

Toras Chaim
15th Anniversary Dinner
June 11, 6 PM @ B’nai Israel

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YAK Annual Graduation, Siyum, & Dinner

Mon., Jun. 19
Graduation, 6 PM, followed by Dinner

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BINA Graduation Journal Ad Blank

General Board Meeting
to conduct upcoming
Board Elections
Jun. 25

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Jul. 26, 27 @ Norfolk Academy Batten Library

Read these exciting articles in
The Yeshiva World News
and on the OU website
about our own
Norfolk Torah community
Contemplating a move?
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information about us:
New video about our community:
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To participate in this initiative, donate
to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund.
Order deadline is TBA.
Shlomo’s next delivers to
B’nai Israe
l TBA.

Kashrus Alerts:
7-Select Vanilla Crème Cookies
Ciao Bella Sorbetto
Arnold bread

Kashrus Update:
Slurpee List
Read some of Rabbi Sender Haber’s Torah thoughts at his blog,
Out of the Loop, on Rabbi Yaacov Haber’s TorahLab site.

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Ask Michele for a B’nai Israel
pushke for your home.
We Still Need You!

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Donate to the Eruv Fund!

Support ongoing
maintenance and repairs.

Keep our eruv kosher
for Shabbos comfort.

wheel-3Candy Corner @ BINA
Ask about Kosher-for-Pesach
Off for Pesach. Resumes Apr. 22


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Shabbos Morning, 10:00 AM

Registration is now open.

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Use Referral Code Rabbi Litt
and pay deposit to reserve your spot!

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Board Statement on Vaccinations  

B’nai Israel Cemetery

Volunteer to Maintain
B’nai Israel Cemetery

B'nai Israel Brochure

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B’nai Israel Brochure, designed by Leah Mostofsky
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Coming out this summer!
Shalosh Seudos Volunteers Sought:
Please help clean up
before leaving shul Motzaei Shabbos.
B’nai Israel Sisterhood 
Sisterhood Flower Fund:
Please contact Irene Mazel or Ruth Sternlich. Z’manim Calendar

Caution re Tzedaka Solicitors
Please ask each solicitor to show a
letter from Rabbi Haber, who screens those who come to him and
keeps a reference record.

Please let Mrs. Helen Griffin know if you are able to host guests for sleeping or eating.

All guests placed by the hospitality committee are screened by Rabbi Haber. Please have all potential guests call Rabbi Haber’s office directly. He will put them in touch with Mrs. Griffin.

Young children who come
for Shabbos afternoon learning
but do not daven mincha
must be taken home.

The shul cannot provide supervision.

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New Address: 725 W 21st St

Norfolk, Virginia
Supervised by the Vaad Hakashrus of Tidewater

Wedding E Eur. 19th cent Public Domain

(Eastern European 19th-Century Wedding.
Painting is in the public domain.)

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Because of privacy concerns raised by
some congregants, we now post
Mazal Tov listings for births
only upon direct request by family.
Ditto re bris dates and times.
Esther Sarah (Your WebMama)

Attention Kitchen

Sponsor Learning at
BINA High School

Separate Swim Hours @ JCC
Men            Women
Supermarket Support for Our Schools!

HT School Link FF 123-4

Please use only the Spotswood Ave, door of the shul after dark. Please respect Mikvah privacy.

Please do not use the Fred L. Aron Education Wing entrance during BINA’s daytime hours.