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Talked with and sent message to Miriam at Artscroll Oct. 13 refer to web support.

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This vendor offers a couple of discounts (one per order): 10% off as a new user or 13% off all special Pesach orders over $100. B’nai gets a commission of 10% of your total order in either case.

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Babies & Children

E-mailed webmaster of new site for revised info. New site E-mailed Customer Support, hoping for reply soon.

Computers & Software
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E-mailed Marketing Dept. re new link via their new website’s submission link. New home page:

Bulk Office SUpplies at Wholesale Prices

E-mailed Cot. 13 re link issue. Awaiting reply.

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Payless ShoeSource

Oct 13, e-mailed Customer Service re corrected link. Awaiting reply.

Women Clothes - Large Size Women's Shoes

Oct. 13, e-mailed for corrected link.


Oct. 13, e-mailed for new link.

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