Our Sisterhood

Frances Berger has been a member since the 1950s. Irene Mazel has been active for 37 years. The B’nai Israel Sisterhood supports the shul in many ways. The beautiful flowers on the bima during Shavuos and on every yom tov are gifts from the Sisterhood. We give a chumash to every bar and bat mitzvah. The Sisterhood contributes to the housekeeping at the Shul by paying for pest control services. Through the years we have under taken many projects, building a closet to store kitchen goods and serving pieces, having the mechitza built in the minyan room, paying for cemetery upkeep, and producing the annual calendar. We appreciate donations to the Flower Fund to make the shul shine on every yom tov. Please contact Irene Mazel, 757-489-1294 or 757-407-8538; or Ruth Sternlicht, 757-481-0104.