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B'nai Israel ExteriorWelcome to Norfolk

B’nai Israel Congregation
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Office (757) 627-7358
Fax (757) 627-8544
420 Spotswood Avenue
Norfolk, VA, 23517
office@bnaiisrael.org www.bnaiisrael.org
 About Norfolk, Virginia

Tucked away in the beautiful Ghent section of Norfolk, Virginia is a small but blossoming Orthodox community. Though comprised of fewer than one hundred families, Norfolk’s community has remained strong and seen growth in recent years.

B’nai Israel Congregation, which has served the community for more than 100 years, is a lively hub of Torah living with daily classes and well attended services.

The Norfolk Area Community Kollel was founded with four families in 2001 and continues to elevate the community with serious Torah study and outreach.

The Hebrew Academy of Tidewater has been an established community-wide school for over fifty years. Thirteen years ago, Toras Chaim was founded by the Orthodox segment pf Jewish Norfolk and currently boasts over one hundred students, b’li ayin hora.

A year after the founding of Toras Chaim, Yeshivas Aish Kodesh was established as a yeshiva for our high-school-aged boys; and, in 2006, BINA High School for girls opened, giving all students from K through 12 the opportunity to attend Orthodox schools.

Norfolk, Virginia has all of the infrastructure needed for an Orthodox community: schools, mikvah, eruv, and a vaad hakashrus. Most of all, we have passion for our Judaism and a love of all Jews.

 Where to Daven

B’nai Israel Congregation
420 Spotswood Avenue
Norfolk, VA, 23517
Sunday 8:00
Mon./Thu. 6:45 Tues./Wed./Fri. 7:00
15 minutes before sunset
Following Mincha
See Schedule for this week.

CHABAD Lubavitch of Tidewater

1920 Colley Ave
Norfolk, VA 23517
Phone: 757-616-0770

Heichal Shlomo
Sunsations Building
353 Village Road
Virginia Beach
Phone: 757-359-8468

Mikva Inquiries:
Please call or text 757-277-4662

A Brief History

B’nai Israel Congregation has a rich history as the oldest and largest Orthodox congregation in the Tidewater area. Our present sanctuary was established in 1946 when the Twentieth Street Synagogue and K’hal Chasidim from downtown Norfolk united to become the United Orthodox Synagogue. The B’nai Israel name was assumed in the 1950’s when synagogue merged with B’nai Israel Congregation of downtown Norfolk.

The present synagogue building was redesigned in 2000, merging the old-country taste of the original main sanctuary with the modern-age social hall, kitchens, classrooms and Minyan Room.

The congregation’s focus remains to provide an venue for traditional Judaism in the Tidewater area for Jews of all ages.

Do you want to support Torah in Norfolk?
Please make a contribution at the shul or by clicking here. You can also make a dedication or sponsor a kiddush or shalosh seudos by contacting the shul office, 757-627-7358.

About Our Rabbi

Rabbi Sender HaberOriginally from Buffalo, NY, Rabbi Sender Haber is a graduate of Beth Medrash Gavoha in Lakewood, NJ and Yeshivas Mir in Jerusalem.

Since moving to Norfolk fourteen years ago as a founding member of the Norfolk Kollel, Rabbi Haber has taught Torah to virtually every age and segment of the Jewish community. His love for all Jews is apparent in every interaction he has. 

Rabbi Sender Haber with TorahDo you want to move here and make a difference?

We would love to assist you in any way we can. Please email Rabbi Haber.

Where to Get Your Sheitlach Done & Ladies’ Haircuts
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Layers by Leah

Shaina Ettel’s
Wig and Hair Services


 Shatnez Testing
Call the shul office,
for contact information.




For more information on food establishments, see also: vaadoftidewater.com

Where to Stay
Residence Inn (Marriott),
in Downtown Norfolk,

is within walking distance to the shul but not within the Eruv.
227 W. Brambleton Ave
Phone: 757-842-6216

Page House Inn
is a small Bed & Breakfast within the Eiruv.
323 Fairfax Ave
Phone: 757-625-5033

For inquiries regarding Home Hospitality please call B’nai Israel or email rsh@bnaiisrael.org

Where to Eat
Mr. Shawarama
727 W 21st Street
Sun.—Thu., 11AM—9PM
(5 PM on Summer Fridays)

Farm Fresh Supermarket
730 W 21st Street
The largest Kosher Food
selection in Norfolk

Cold Stone Creamery
520 W 21st Street
Phone: 757-747-2000

Skinny Dip Frozen Yogurt
1619 Colley Ave
Phone: 757-383-6400

Yorgo’s Bageldashery
(Uncut Bagels only)
2123 Colonial Ave
Phone: 757-623-6609

Cardo Café
@ Simon JCC
5000 Corporate Woods Blvd.
Phone: 757-963-0671
Mon.—Thu., 11 AM—2 PM
Fri., 12 PM—2 PM
For all your kosher catering needs!
Email orders to lunch@ujft.org

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