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B’nai Israel Cemetery is located at
2750 Cromwell Rd.,
just south of Peterson St.

Contact the shul office for more information: office@bnaiisrael.org
or 757-627-7358.

Thanks to Mrs. Donna Bluemink,
who is is updating our archive.

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Recent Renovations: The B’nai Israel cemetery, founded in 1902, is owned by our congregation and maintained according to the many laws that govern Jewish cemeteries. We recently completed some extensive work on one of the original walls of the cemetery, a halachically mandated one desperately needing repair; this cost more than expected. We appeal to members of the congregation and others who have loved ones there to contribute to the Cemetery Fund to cover these expenses. Please make checks out to B’nai Israel Congregation, “Cemetery Fund” on the memo line, or use button
to donate online. Thank you.

On a related note, a link to information about end-of-life issues.