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Thank You, Updated Jun. 23

To Rabbi Sholom Mostofsky and Moshe Rothman for their many hours of work maintaining the shul grounds.
Thank you, Dr. Dovid Lieberman for a helpful and inspiring Ann Zukerman Scholar-in-Residence Weekend. Thanks also to Herb Zukerman and family for sponsoring this beautiful tribute.
Thank you to Mrs. Bracha Goetz for speaking at our Women’s Shalosh Seudos on Shabbos, May 20.
Thank you to to Moshe Rothman for mowing the Shul’s lawn the week of May 19.
Chava Goldberg would like to offer hakaras hatov to all those who helped out or volunteered in any way to help make this year’s annual Israel Fest booth a success:

Rabbi Baruch Danziger Elisheva (Lisa) Kingsley Elka Shereshevsksy
Leah Goldberg Miriam Kopels Rochelle Smith
Zipporah Goldberg Michael Mostofsky Jordan Smith
Shanna Goldfarb Avigail Perry Elya Suissa

And we all give a special hakaras hatov and thank you to Chava Goldberg, who, once again, took on the chairmanship of this event and made it a success.

Thank you, Rabbi Menachem Nissel, for coming to teach us this weekend, and to the volunteers who made these events so enjoyable and successsful.

Thank you to Shari Berman, Jodi Schwartz, Chamie Haber, Shaina Ettel Menda, and all the other volunteers and “Table Mavens” who made The Great Big Challah Bake such a success. This list is incomplete, and will be updated when we receive a more inclusive one.

We would like to thank Rebbitzen Chamie Haber for arranging babysitting from Rosh Hashana through Shmini Atzeres. We had wonderful sitters. Please consider contributing toward the cost of their wages, especially if your children were in their care.

Rochelle Smith & Chava Goldberg would like to thank the following people for their help with the Pizza in the Hut event. Without them, this event would not have been the success that it was! Yasher Koach to:

Alexandria “A-Town” (Rochelle’s cousin who had no idea what was in store for her when she decided to roll into this town!) Nat Sims (of course)
Lisa Kingsley Brina Weissman
Un-named person who knows who he is! Rabbis Rudin, Danziger, & Bauman
Avigail, Elisheva, & Adam Perry Andrew “Aharon” Zharnest
Leah Greenwald Michelle Aronoff
Amy Bridge Leah, Zipporah, Ari, & Zev-Adi Goldberg (who had no choice)


On behalf of Rabbi Haber, we would like to thank the members of the Norfolk Kollel for stepping up in his absence.

We would like to thank the girls of the SEED Program for coming to Norfolk this summer and running Camp Ruach/SEED. The children had a wonderful time!

On behalf of Rabbi Haber, we would like thank all of those volunteers who made the program a true success: Helen Schloss-Griffin, Andie Pollock, Debbie Wilson, Chana Leah Rothman, Diana Ruchelman, Miriam Wilson, Benna Zelikovich and Brina Weissman and the Jewish Family Services of Tidewater and of course all of you who attended the events. Michele Aronoff noted that she hopes she has not omitted anyone. Dr. Pelcovitz’s books are still available for purchase at shul and are in the atrium (near the Gift Shop).

May 20: To Dr. Michael Weissman for your fine leadership of our congregation this past year.

Mar. 11: This Motzei Shabbos will be the final Parent/Child Learning for the season. Thank you to Dr. Schwartz for another successful season.

A note from Esther Bridge, Event Chair:
Thank you to these special folks who helped to make
the Annual Comedy Night a success!
Michele Aronoff Lisa Kingsley Elka Shereshevsky
Amy Bridge Joey Miller Pesha Shereshevsky
Bekka Bridge Chana Leah Rothman Chana Sims
Rena Bridge Melissa Schoenfeld Nat Sims
Leah Goldberg Gedalia Schwartz Brina Weissman
Shana Goldfarb Nechama Werther
Sid Bridge, who put this wonderful show together for us!
A big shout-out to our sponsors: The Over the Hill Gang
and Rob Kowalsky
of Good N’ Green

To the B’nai Israel Sisterhood for the new silk flower arrangement for the main sanctuary.

To Helen Schloss-Griffin for the repairs she made to one of our Torah Crowns.

Leah Mostofsky would like to thank the following people,
who have already contributed to the Norfolk Shtick Gemach:
Shulamit and Dovid Blumenthal Avigayil and Baruch Murkoff Irene Ullman
Phyllis and Shia Lome Toby Leiderfeind Debbie and Ken Wilson
We are still taking contributions for more items to be ready for our first wedding.

Leah also asks the community to please daven for Tzvia Hinda bas Chaya Gittel.
This gemach has been named in her zechus for her to have a speedy refuah shelaima.

To all who donated toward kiddushim for SukkosMichele says some new treats promise to be good!

From Leah Esther Mostofsky:  Dear members of B’nai, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to those who have helped make my shtick Gemach take off. Baruch Hashem, I have gotten donations that have helped me get started. I look forward to you all seeing your donations in action at Chana’s wedding!   Thanks so much, Leah Mostofsky

To the Seed Girls (Ilana, Chumi, Rivky, Suri and Leah) for making July very meaningful and for serving as counselors for Camp Ruach 5775.

Adam Goldberg, on behalf of Toras Chaim, thanks those who worked to set up Toras Chaim‘s camera system: Rabbi Avi Rubin, Gershon Aronoff, Mendy Weinreb, Shmuel Schwartz, Aaron Loiterman, Mattisyahu Loiterman, and Rabbi Mordechai Loiterman.  Special thanks to David Edery and Yehudah Griffin for their time and expertise.

Thank you to Gershon Aronoff and Isaac Brooke for fixing the burnt out lights in the main sanctuary.

To Mrs. Helen Griffin for making the shul menorah look new!

To Rabbi Sholom Mostofsky, Gershon Aronoff, Jonathan Goldstein, and all others who assisted. for spending much of Friday, Dec. 5, repairing the Eruv..

To Rebbetzin Chamie Haber and her committee, who made our Scholar-in-Residence Weekend a rousing success:

Allison Josephs/
Jew in the City
Rabbi Sender Haber All of the sponsors who contributed funds to make this weekend possible
Michele Polevoy Aronoff Shira Itzhak
Rochelle Brinn Sara Litt The Temple/Synagogue Initiative of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater
Amy Brooke Tehilla Mostofsky

To everyone who helped make the party in the shul sukkah such a success. We’ll add more names as we receive the information:

Brina Weissman,
Event Chair
Chava Goldberg,
Liaison with Hummus Express
The Rubanowitz family, who traveled here especially to reconnect with us, and especially Rabbi Rubanowitz, who spoke so movingly about what we celebrate on the holiday of Sukkos. It was a true joy to have them join us.
Doers of “Everything”:
Michele Aronoff
Gershon Aronoff
Hummus Express
Assisted by Shmuel Itzhak
Our Fine Musicians:
Sid Bridge
Joey Miller
Michael Weissman
Handling the Door:
Becky Roberts

To Rabbi Sholom Mostofsky and Shmuel Schwartz for mowing the shul‘s lawns before Sukkos.

Always, special thanks to Gershon Aronoff, for setting up the shul’s Sukkah, to Rabbi Sholom Mostofsky and his team of helpers for inspecting and repairing the eruv no matter what the weather, and to Michele Aronoff for gathering, assembling, and getting out information on which we all rely in addition to her myriad other duties at the shul.

To Nisanel and Naftali Schwartz for helping Rabbi Mostofsky with shul gardening. Also to Noam Itzhak and Rabbi Mostofsky for Eruv repairs.

To visiting SEED Girls: Chaya, Avigayil, Goldi, Toby, and Miri and our local SEED Girls: Yehudis, Rachel Sarah, and Esther, here from all over the world to work with our children at Camp Ruach and teach the women of our community these past weeks.

From Esther Sarah Carroll to all of the people who came out in oppressive heat to honor Menachem‘s memory at the unveiling and made sure we had minyan for kaddish. It meant a great deal to me.

To Gershon Aronoff for mowing the shul lawn before Shavuos.

To the volunteers who made our participation in israel fest 5774 so successful:

Michelle Aronoff Shira Itzhak Diana Ruchelman
Ruth Cohen Ayelet Itzhak Gedalia Schwartz
David Edery Lisa Kingsley Elka Shereshevsky
Malka Edery Joe Miller Chani Wecker
Adam Goldberg Michael & Marcy Mostofsky Michael Weissman
Chava Goldberg, Event Chair Dvorah Peck Brina Weissman
Chamie Haber Andie Pollock Debbie Wilson


Baruch Dayan haEmes, updated Jun. 09

Jun. 9: Condolences to Rabbi Gershon LItt and family on the passing of his cousin, Risa Litt.

Jun. 8: Our condolences to Michael and Brina Weissman and family on the passing of Brina’s mother, Terri Salt. Sara Litt is coordinating meals, starting with Shabbos through Wednesday night. Please contact Sara to participate in this mitzvah.

Condolences also to the family of Dr. Gerald Borman, a friend and benefactor to B’nai Israel. Click here for obituary.

Apr. 7: Condolences to Mrs. Lillian Kozak and her entire family on the passing of her son, Larry Kurzer.  The Kurzer family has been affiliated with B’nai Israel for over 60 years.  Funeral details in shul e-mail of Apr. 7.

Mar. 30: Our condolences to Cantor Jacob and Cyndi Tessler and family on the passing of Jacob’s mother, Rachel Tessler.

Mar. 20: Our condolences to Sandy Karlin on the passing of his father, Charles Karlin. Mr. Karlin was a former member of B’nai Israel.

Mar. 13: Condolences to children Joseph and Carol Miller, Daniel and Amy Miller, and Rachel Stern; siblings Michael and Mitzi Ashe, Arleen Kluger, Ernestine and Howard Adelman, and Rosalie Walner; and grandchildren Meredith Stern, Anna Stern, Dalya Miller, Hayden Miller, Max Miller, and Emmi Miller on the sudden loss of Caroline Miller, a lifelong member and also a dear friend of many here at B’nai Israel. Click here for obituary.

Jan. 26: Condolences to Mrs. Racheli Tessler on the passing of her mother.

Jan. 24: Condolences to Debbie and Ken Wilson and family on the passing of Debbie’s mother, Mrs. Marilyn Nochimson. Click link for obit in the Daily Press.

Jan. 9: Condolences to our congregation’s president, Jeffrey Brooke and his family on the passing of his uncle, Benjamin Brooke, brother of Leonard Brooke.  Mr. Ben Brooke was a long-standing member of the B’nai Israel family, all the way back to his bar mitzvah.  He will be missed. Funeral information and obit at pilotonline – Benjamin Brooke.

Jan. 4 update: Condolences to Tehilla Mostofsky and her whole family on the passing of her brother, Yoel BlumenthalNew shiva info:
ehilla Mostofsky will complete shiva at her home. Hours are as follows:
Thu., Jan. 5, 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Fri., Jan. 6, 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Oct. 19: Condolences to Herb Zukerman, Amy and Jeff Brooke, and their entire family on the passing of Ann Zukerman, a leader in the B’nai Israel community and larger Jewish community organizations for many years.

Oct. 10: Condolences to the Lefcoe and Ehrlich families on the loss of Bernard “Bernie” Ehrlich, father of Amy Lefcoe.

Sep. 9: Condolences to Zechariah and Miriam Kopels on the passing of Miriam’s grandmother.

Sep. 7: To the family of Mr. Leroy Samuels.

Sep. 5: Condolences to the family of Mrs. Shirley Isrow, a longtime member of B’nai Israel, a mainstay of its Sisterhood, and a past B’nai Israel Hakaras HaTov honoree.

Aug. 24: Anna Beer, mother of Esther Sarah Carroll and grandmother of Yonah Roberts, passed away in Cleveland.

Jul. 15: Condolences to Mrs. Pnina Rosenberg on the passing of her father,Tzion Keter, in Israel.  Mrs. Rosenberg is sitting Shiva in Brooklyn.

Also to the family of Stanley Berkwit on his passing.  Mr. Berkwit was a member of B’nai Israel many years ago.

Jul. 7: To Dr. Behrooz Dayanim on the passing of his sister, Dr. Farangis DayanimShiva visitors may come 4—7: PM from Sunday through Tuesday, starting tomorrow at 6 PM. If you wish to come at a different time, please call Trudy.

Apr. 21: Condolences to Joseph Drory, Nathan, and Leora Drory and their extended family on the passing of Miriam Drory.

Mar. 9: Condolences to Jason and Alison Ohana on the passing of Jason’s first cousin, Joshua Ben Chaim.

Feb. 18: Condolences to Caroline Miller, children Joey, Danny, and Rachel and the entire Miller family on the loss of Bernard MillerDonations in Bernard’s memory may be made to Jewish Family Service and Virginia Beach Rescue Squad.

Jan. 29: Condolences to Dr. Behrooz Dayanim on the passing of his sister, Behjat bas Meir Moshe, in Iran.  May he and his family have no further sorrows.

Jan. 4, 2016: Our condolences to David, Albert, and Stephen Konikoff and Sharon Berger on the passing of their mother, Hanna.  Shiva information was sent out in Monday’s e-mail.  Online condolences may be posted on H. D. Oliver’s guestbook page.

Dec. 30: Condolences to Bob and Joanne Stein on the passing of their grandson, Evan Levy, son of Andrew and Margaret (Stein) Levy.

Also to Lillian and Mark Soloweszyk on the passing of her uncle, Bruce Gross.

Dec. 25: Condolences to the Rubin family on the passing of Shira’s grandmother.

Oct. 30: To Yonatan and Sandy Preiser and family on the passing of sister-in-law Sharon Preiser.

Condolences to the entire Gordon Family on the passing of Tavia Gordon. Michele sent funeral info and the shiva address in an e-mail to congregants. The family will sit shiva Sun.—Thu. evening. Comforters are welcome after 12:00 N daily; davening at the home will be at 7:00 pm.

Oct. 26: Condolences to Nathan and Leora Drory and their family on the passing of Leora’s father, Carl Janow. Visitors for shiva are welcome at the Janow home Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, 6:30–8:15 PM, with minyan at 7:00 PM. Check your shul e-mail for further details.

Oct. 22: Our condolences to the Preiser family on the loss of Jonathan’s mother.

Jun. 5: Condolences to Rabbi and Mrs. Chamie Haber and family on the loss of Chamie’s grandmother, Mrs. Edith Orbach of Toronto, ON.

Jun. 4: Condolences to the Griffin, Longman, Reyes, and Soloweszyk families on the loss of Faye Griffin, wife of David Griffin and aunt of Lillian Soloweszyk.

Jun. 1: Condolences to Lisa Kingsley and her sisters on the loss of their mother, Gloria.

May 15: Condolences to Jason and Alison Ohana on the passing of Jason’s uncle, Chaim ben Shlomo and Iza this past week after a long illness.  The funeral took place in Florida.

Apr. 22: Condolences to the family and students of Rav Aharon Lichtenstein, including our own Rabbi Sender Haber, a second cousin, once removed. Read about Rav Lichtenstein‘s life and
in leading our people.

Apr. 17: Condolences to Mrs. Irene Mazel on the passing of her brother-in-law, Dr. David Kruger, during Passover.

Also to Baruch and Avigayil (Mostofsky) Murkoff on the passing of Baruch’s father this past week.

May Hashem console the families among the other mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Mar. 13: Condolences to the family of former Virginia Beach Mayor, Meyera Oberndorf, who passed away this morning in Charlotte, NC.  She will missed

Mar. 12: Our condolences to the family of Joseph Fleischmann. Mr. Fleischmann was a member of B’nai Israel since 1946.

Feb. 27: BDE, we’re sad to report the passing of Leonard Nimoy, famous to many of us as the Enterprise’s Mr. Spock. Whatever the halachic questions, which the Dayan HaEmes will answer for him, he turned the birkat cohanim, at which he had peeked as a child in shul with his father and zaide, into an intergalactic bracha.

Feb. 19: Condolences to the family of Jackie Muise, mother of Jacco Suissa.

Feb. 13: Condolence to Rabbi Jonathan Blum on the passing of his wife, Mechaya Ruth Read Blum, who passed away on Tu B’Sh’vat.  Rabbi Blum is organizing a siyum of Mishnayos to be completed in time for her shloshim.  To participate in this mitzvah, can sign up to learn a Mesechta of Mishnayot l’illuy nishmat Mechaya Ruth bat Avraham by clicking here.

Feb. 11: CHABAD sent notice of the passing of “… Susan Moore, Shoshana Rus Basya bas Avraham, of  blessed memory , Condolences to her family.

Feb. 9: We regret to inform you of the passing of Stanley Potts, a long-time member of B’nai Israel.  May his family be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Jan. 19: Condolences to the family of Lena Frost on her recent passing.  Mrs. Frost was a past member of B’nai Israel and the B’nai Israel Sisterhood.

Jan. 4, 2015: Condolences to Annette Mand and family on the loss of Alan Mand.

Sep. 15: Condolences to the Schloss, Aron, and Slone families on the passing of Edie Aron Schloss.  Mrs. Schloss was the sister-in-law of Bern Schloss (married to Bern’s brother) and the sister-in-law of Natalie Aron (sister of Fred Aron A”H).

Sep. 7: Condolences to Sarah Zedd and family on the passing of Sarah’s daughter, Susie Zedd.

Aug. 21: Condolences to Bruce Berman and family on the loss of Bruce’s father, Dr. Larry Berman.

Aug. 19: Condolences to Nomi Gordon Ho on the passing of her brother, IDF Corporal David Menachem Gordon.

Aug. 16: We received word tonight of the passing of the lady known online only as “Bubbe,” of the Feed Me Bubbe series on JLTV, who demonstrated traditional kosher recipes with gentle humor and clear explanations as her loving grandson made videos of her work.

Jul. 4: Funeral services for Mrs. Ruth Lida, Anna Karp‘s mother, were held graveside at Forest Lawn on Wed., Jul. 2.

Condolences as well to Annette and Alan Mand on the passing of Annette’s sister, Etta Lind; may they be comforted among the mourners of Zion.

Funeral Information for Gil-Ad, Eyal, and Naftali: The funeral was streamed live online from 10:30 am EST. The families buried the three boys side by side in the Modiin Cemetery. OneFamily‘s original link was quickly overwhelmed with traffic; as were several alternate options provided later in the morning.

Blog Post from OneFamily: How do we speak with our children about the loss of our boys?

OU Response: Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb‘s webcast streamed on the evening of Jul. 1 and has been archived, available on demand.

Robin Mancoll of UJFT-CRC sent a letter with another means of sending condolences to the bereaved families: UJFT-CRC re 3 Boys

Jun. 30: Message from Rabbi Haber
I regret to share several pieces of somber news with the community.

  1. The funeral for Laurie Hill, mother of Dovid Lubkowski took place Tues., Jul. 1 at the B’nai Israel Cemetery.
    Mrs. Ruth Lida, mother of Anna Karp and a long time member of B’nai Israel, passed away at Beth Shalom on Jun. 30.
  2. In closing, we join with Jews around the world in mourning the brutal murder of our three boys Elad, Eyal and Naftali. We were united in concern for their plight and now we are mourning with the families of these special boys.

There is really nothing that can be said to comfort us at this time but I found this article meaningful. Condolences to the families can also be sent by clicking this link.May we know of no further suffering,
S Haber

Jun. 3: To Rabbi Sender and Chamie Haber and family on the passing of Rabbi Haber’s grandfather, Samuel Haber.  May the family know no further sorrow.

Jun. 2: To Rabbi Yosef Lowenbraun and family on the passing of his mother, Mrs. Miriam Lowenbraun, this past weekend. May we hear of no further sorrows.

Please note that we lost some of our listings in the recent website crash. We apologize for any omissions and certainly intend no disrespect.

To Ruth and Aaron Cohen, Andy and TeeJay Anderson Cohen, and the Cohen and Anderson families on the loss of Andy and TeeJay’s son, Nicodemus.

To the Margolin and Brashevitzky families on the loss of their niece and cousin, Rashi Minkowicz.

To Meira (Joyce) Swain and Daniel, Alizah and Kenny, and David on the passing of Yaakov (Dwight) Swain, a beloved and dedicated member of our kehilla and a cabinetry master who so often directed his artistry in the service of holiness. May the family and community know of no further suffering.

To the family of Lee Lazernick.  The Lazernick family were B’nai Israel members for many years.

Shmuel and Shira Itzhak and family, on the passing of their nephew, Amit Chai Itzhak Nov. 24.

Earl and Andie Pollock and their extended family, on the passing of Earl’s uncle, Armond Caplan.

Chana Nerenberg and her family, on the loss of Chana’s father. 

The entire Golden family on the passing of Florence Golden.

Aaron & Ruth Cohen, Amy & Sid Bridge, Jeffrey & Elise Cohen, & Andy & TJ Cohen on the passing of Aaron’s brother, Paul Cohen, on Jul. 7. 

Dr. Gary Siegel, an associate member of B’nai Israel, on the passing of his wife, Robin.  May he and his family know of no further sorrows.

Rabbi Mordechai and Mrs. Chana Wecker and family, on the loss of Mrs. Wecker’s father, Mr. Seymour Bayuk, who passed away May 2.

Audrey Gutterman and her family on the loss of her brother, Arthur Lasko.  May the family know of no further sorrows.

We regret to report the passing of Rebbitzen Shaindel Bulman, wife of Rabbi Nachman Bulman (Z”TL).  They were instrumental in the Jewish Community of Newport News in the 60’s.

The Epner, Paul, Fine, and Lapping families on the loss of Helen Lapping.

The Carroll, Roberts, Beer, and Maisel families on the loss of Menachem Carroll.

The Brenner and Aronoff families, on the passing of Annette Aronoff Brenner. Mrs. Brenner was aunt to Gershon Aronoff, sister of Gershon’s father Marcus, a”h`, and a part of the B’nai Israel community during the time she lived here in Norfolk. For Virginian-Pilot obituary: Click here.

Joe Berman, on the loss of his mother, Evelyn Berman.

Rebbetzin Rychel Margolin, on the loss of her brother.

The family of Israel Salber, who passed away Tuesday, January 8.  Mr. Salber was a long-standing member of the B’nai Israel Family, even when he was no longer able to attend services.

Mike Zelikovich and family on the loss of his grandmother.

Norman Soroko, on the passing of his cousin, Dr. Harvey Glick.

Abbott and Kitty Saks, on the passing of Abbott’s brother, Harvey Saks.  May Hashem comfort them among the other mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Roger Oberndorf, husband of former Virginia Beach Mayor Meyera Oberndorf, has died.  Our condolences to Mrs. Oberndorf and family.

Michele received notice:  “Condolences to Lynn Harris on the passing of her father David Harris, Kolev Dovid ben Chanoch.  The funeral was graveside at 10:00 am on Tuesday, September 25th, at Gan Zikaron (Garden of Remembrance) in Clarksburg.

Our condolences to the families of Bertha Shapiro and Harry Weisberg. Both were affiliated with B’nai Israel throughout their lives.