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The Ann Zukerman Shtick Gemach: Add to the Joy of Brides and Grooms!

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From Leah Mostofsky and Chana Brooke:

To our amazing community,

We are honored to introduce the renaming of our beautiful Shtick Gemach! The Ann Zukerman Shtick Gemach. My Savta or “Savti” as I used  to call her, loved mitzvos. Simply put, she loved bringing joy to others. Despite her myriad physical challenges, she absolutely loved fulfilling the will of Hashem. Her most favorite mitzvos were those that brought smiles to others’ faces. When the idea was proposed to start a schtick gemach in Norfolk, it was my Savti who was 100% behind it. She loved the idea of starting and maintaining a gemach whose main goal was to bring simcha to brides on their special day.

I know my Savti is looking down from shamayim now and smiling down on the Norfolk community. It is through the efforts of many of you who support and preserve the gemach that we can continue to bring simcha to our community and an aliyah for the neshama of Tzvia Hinda bas Chaya Gittel.

May we continue to merit in sharing in many more simchas together in the future.

Baruch Hashem we have a busy wedding season coming up for some of our in-town girls and some of our boarders from throughout the years. We are so excited for all of these weddings and want to make sure that every kallah has anything she wants. The Gemach loves expanding and adding new and fun things to enhance each and every simcha.

Please feel free to contact Leah Mostofsky, about any donations you would like to contribute. Thank you for all your support!

B’nai Israel Calendar

The B’nai Israel Calendar had served as a community reference for over 60 years. We didn’t publish this year, and many of us missed it. So, once again, we will publish the calendar.  We are starting early this year to gather information and ads so that we all have a chance to participate.

We ask you, the members of B’nai Israel, to provide names, addresses (and e-mail addresses if you have them) for businesses you patronize regularly. Calendar Committee members will solicit the ads for you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office.  If you would like to help on the project, please let Michele know.