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Announcements, updated Sun., May 28

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Shavuos Night Learning
Shavuos begins May 30 at sundown.
Learning starts midnight that night
with the onset of May 31.

BINA Girls’ Shavuos Program
@ Lefcoe, 11:15 PM

This week’s parsha: Naso
Candle Lighting Fri., Jun. 2: 7:00 PM

Memorial Day, May 29, 8–11:30 AM
Sponsored by Earl and Andie Pollock in honor of the Norfolk Kollel

The Ann Zukerman Shtick Gemach
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Back by Popular Demand: More Mussar Classes with Rabbi Gavriel Rudin
Jun. 7, and Jun. 21 12:30 PM
@ Simon Family JCC

 Partners in Torah

Location change this week only:
Meeting at B’nai Israel
following ma’ariv at 8:30 PM

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Visit the Kollel’s Audio Page
for a variety of shiurim.

Upcoming Graduations
(listed alphabetically):

BINA, Wed.,Jun. 21@ B’nai Israel

Hebrew Academy of Tidewater
Tue., Jun. 6, Sandler Family Campus, Multi-Purpose Room

Toras Chaim
Sun., Jun. 18 @ Toras Chaim,
Gomley Chesed Campus

Yeshivas Aish Kodesh
Graduation, Siyum, and Dinner
Mon., Jun. 19 @ B’nai Israel

Starting after Shavuos,
Tuesdays at Noon
@ B’nai Israel,
Tomer Devorah
to be taught by Amy Lefcoe
for the women of the community.

Chai Kiddush, Jun. 10 after services. Please submit dedications by Wed., Jun. 7.

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Dr. David Lieberman
Ann Zukerman Scholar-in-Residence
Shabbos, Jun. 16-17
Make your dinner reservations now!

Toras Chaim
15th Anniversary Dinner
June 11, 6 PM @ B’nai Israel

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YAK Annual Graduation, Siyum, & Dinner

Mon., Jun. 19
Graduation, 6 PM, followed by Dinner

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BINA Graduation Journal Ad Blank

General Board Meeting
to conduct upcoming
Board Elections
Jun. 25

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Jul. 26, 27 @ Norfolk Academy Batten Library

Read these exciting articles in
The Yeshiva World News
and on the OU website
about our own
Norfolk Torah community
Contemplating a move?
Click below for more
information about us:
New video about our community:
Click here.

To participate in this initiative, donate
to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund.
Order deadline is TBA.
Shlomo’s next delivers to
B’nai Israe
l TBA.

Kashrus Alerts:
7-Select Vanilla Crème Cookies
Ciao Bella Sorbetto
Arnold bread

Kashrus Update:
Slurpee List
Read some of Rabbi Sender Haber’s Torah thoughts at his blog,
Out of the Loop, on Rabbi Yaacov Haber’s TorahLab site.

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Ask Michele for a B’nai Israel
pushke for your home.
We Still Need You!

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Donate to the Eruv Fund!

Support ongoing
maintenance and repairs.

Keep our eruv kosher
for Shabbos comfort.

wheel-3Candy Corner @ BINA
Ask about Kosher-for-Pesach
Off for Pesach. Resumes Apr. 22


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Shabbos Morning, 10:00 AM

Registration is now open.

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Use Referral Code Rabbi Litt
and pay deposit to reserve your spot!

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Board Statement on Vaccinations  

B’nai Israel Cemetery

Volunteer to Maintain
B’nai Israel Cemetery

B'nai Israel Brochure

Click image for print version.
B’nai Israel Brochure, designed by Leah Mostofsky
Click here for interactive version.

Coming out this summer!
Shalosh Seudos Volunteers Sought:
Please help clean up
before leaving shul Motzaei Shabbos.
B’nai Israel Sisterhood 
Sisterhood Flower Fund:
Please contact Irene Mazel or Ruth Sternlich. Z’manim Calendar

Caution re Tzedaka Solicitors
Please ask each solicitor to show a
letter from Rabbi Haber, who screens those who come to him and
keeps a reference record.

Please let Mrs. Helen Griffin know if you are able to host guests for sleeping or eating.

All guests placed by the hospitality committee are screened by Rabbi Haber. Please have all potential guests call Rabbi Haber’s office directly. He will put them in touch with Mrs. Griffin.

Young children who come
for Shabbos afternoon learning
but do not daven mincha
must be taken home.

The shul cannot provide supervision.

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New Address: 725 W 21st St

Norfolk, Virginia
Supervised by the Vaad Hakashrus of Tidewater

Wedding E Eur. 19th cent Public Domain

(Eastern European 19th-Century Wedding.
Painting is in the public domain.)

Click image to read about Kaps4Kallahs.

Because of privacy concerns raised by
some congregants, we now post
Mazal Tov listings for births
only upon direct request by family.
Ditto re bris dates and times.
Esther Sarah (Your WebMama)

Attention Kitchen

Sponsor Learning at
BINA High School

Separate Swim Hours @ JCC
Men            Women
Supermarket Support for Our Schools!

HT School Link FF 123-4

Please use only the Spotswood Ave, door of the shul after dark. Please respect Mikvah privacy.

Please do not use the Fred L. Aron Education Wing entrance during BINA’s daytime hours.


Cemetery Update

As part of our ongoing cemetery refurbishment project, we are assembling a group of volunteers to join us on Sunday mornings during the summer to clean up landscaping and repair stones. Please register your interest with the office or Rabbi Haber.

The B’nai Israel cemetery, founded in 1902, is owned and maintained by our congregation according to the many laws that govern Jewish cemeteries. Recently, we completed some extensive repair work on one of the original walls of the cemetery, a wall halachically mandated and in desperate need of repair. The cost of the repair was a bit more than expected. We ask members of the congregation and those who have loved ones in the cemetery to contribute to the Cemetery Fund to cover these unexpected expenses. Please make checks out to B’nai Israel Congregation; note “Cemetery Funds” on the memo line. Thank you.

The Ann Zukerman Shtick Gemach: Add to the Joy of Brides and Grooms!

Click image for full-size flyer.

From Leah Mostofsky and Chana Brooke:

To our amazing community,

We are honored to introduce the renaming of our beautiful Shtick Gemach! The Ann Zukerman Shtick Gemach. My Savta or “Savti” as I used  to call her, loved mitzvos. Simply put, she loved bringing joy to others. Despite her myriad physical challenges, she absolutely loved fulfilling the will of Hashem. Her most favorite mitzvos were those that brought smiles to others’ faces. When the idea was proposed to start a schtick gemach in Norfolk, it was my Savti who was 100% behind it. She loved the idea of starting and maintaining a gemach whose main goal was to bring simcha to brides on their special day.

I know my Savti is looking down from shamayim now and smiling down on the Norfolk community. It is through the efforts of many of you who support and preserve the gemach that we can continue to bring simcha to our community and an aliyah for the neshama of Tzvia Hinda bas Chaya Gittel.

May we continue to merit in sharing in many more simchas together in the future.

Baruch Hashem we have a busy wedding season coming up for some of our in-town girls and some of our boarders from throughout the years. We are so excited for all of these weddings and want to make sure that every kallah has anything she wants. The Gemach loves expanding and adding new and fun things to enhance each and every simcha.

Please feel free to contact Leah Mostofsky, about any donations you would like to contribute. Thank you for all your support!

Thank You, Updated May 21

Thank you to Mrs. Bracha Goetz for speaking at our
Women’s Shalosh Seudos on Shabbos, May 20.
Thank you to to Moshe Rothman for mowing the Shul’s lawn the week of May 19.
Chava Goldberg would like to offer hakaras hatov to all those who helped out or volunteered in any way to help make this year’s annual Israel Fest booth a success:

Rabbi Baruch Danziger Elisheva (Lisa) Kingsley Elka Shereshevsksy
Leah Goldberg Miriam Kopels Rochelle Smith
Zipporah Goldberg Michael Mostofsky Jordan Smith
Shanna Goldfarb Avigail Perry Elya Suissa

And we all give a special hakaras hatov and thank you to Chava Goldberg, who, once again, took on the chairmanship of this event and made it a success.

Thank you, Rabbi Menachem Nissel, for coming to teach us this weekend.

List of volunteers to be posted. Thank you to all who made these events so enjoyable and successsful.

Thank you to Shari Berman, Jodi Schwartz, Chamie Haber, Shaina Ettel Menda, and all the other volunteers and “Table Mavens” who made The Great Big Challah Bake such a success. This list is incomplete, and will be updated when we receive a more inclusive one.

We would like to thank Rebbitzen Chamie Haber for arranging babysitting from Rosh Hashana through Shmini Atzeres. We had wonderful sitters. Please consider contributing toward the cost of their wages, especially if your children were in their care.

Rochelle Smith & Chava Goldberg would like to thank the following people for their help with the Pizza in the Hut event. Without them, this event would not have been the success that it was! Yasher Koach to:

Alexandria “A-Town” (Rochelle’s cousin who had no idea what was in store for her when she decided to roll into this town!) Nat Sims (of course)
Lisa Kingsley Brina Weissman
Un-named person who knows who he is! Rabbis Rudin, Danziger, & Bauman
Avigail, Elisheva, & Adam Perry Andrew “Aharon” Zharnest
Leah Greenwald Michelle Aronoff
Amy Bridge Leah, Zipporah, Ari, & Zev-Adi Goldberg (who had no choice)


On behalf of Rabbi Haber, we would like to thank the members of the Norfolk Kollel for stepping up in his absence.

We would like to thank the girls of the SEED Program for coming to Norfolk this summer and running Camp Ruach/SEED. The children had a wonderful time!

On behalf of Rabbi Haber, we would like thank all of those volunteers who made the program a true success: Helen Schloss-Griffin, Andie Pollock, Debbie Wilson, Chana Leah Rothman, Diana Ruchelman, Miriam Wilson, Benna Zelikovich and Brina Weissman and the Jewish Family Services of Tidewater and of course all of you who attended the events. Michele Aronoff noted that she hopes she has not omitted anyone. Dr. Pelcovitz’s books are still available for purchase at shul and are in the atrium (near the Gift Shop).

May 20: To Dr. Michael Weissman for your fine leadership of our congregation this past year.

Mar. 11: This Motzei Shabbos will be the final Parent/Child Learning for the season. Thank you to Dr. Schwartz for another successful season.

A note from Esther Bridge, Event Chair:
Thank you to these special folks who helped to make
the Annual Comedy Night a success!
Michele Aronoff Lisa Kingsley Elka Shereshevsky
Amy Bridge Joey Miller Pesha Shereshevsky
Bekka Bridge Chana Leah Rothman Chana Sims
Rena Bridge Melissa Schoenfeld Nat Sims
Leah Goldberg Gedalia Schwartz Brina Weissman
Shana Goldfarb Nechama Werther
Sid Bridge, who put this wonderful show together for us!
A big shout-out to our sponsors: The Over the Hill Gang
and Rob Kowalsky
of Good N’ Green

To the B’nai Israel Sisterhood for the new silk flower arrangement for the main sanctuary.

To Helen Schloss-Griffin for the repairs she made to one of our Torah Crowns.

Leah Mostofsky would like to thank the following people,
who have already contributed to the Norfolk Shtick Gemach:
Shulamit and Dovid Blumenthal Avigayil and Baruch Murkoff Irene Ullman
Phyllis and Shia Lome Toby Leiderfeind Debbie and Ken Wilson
We are still taking contributions for more items to be ready for our first wedding.

Leah also asks the community to please daven for Tzvia Hinda bas Chaya Gittel.
This gemach has been named in her zechus for her to have a speedy refuah shelaima.

To all who donated toward kiddushim for SukkosMichele says some new treats promise to be good!

From Leah Esther Mostofsky:  Dear members of B’nai, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to those who have helped make my shtick Gemach take off. Baruch Hashem, I have gotten donations that have helped me get started. I look forward to you all seeing your donations in action at Chana’s wedding!   Thanks so much, Leah Mostofsky

To the Seed Girls (Ilana, Chumi, Rivky, Suri and Leah) for making July very meaningful and for serving as counselors for Camp Ruach 5775.

Adam Goldberg, on behalf of Toras Chaim, thanks those who worked to set up Toras Chaim‘s camera system: Rabbi Avi Rubin, Gershon Aronoff, Mendy Weinreb, Shmuel Schwartz, Aaron Loiterman, Mattisyahu Loiterman, and Rabbi Mordechai Loiterman.  Special thanks to David Edery and Yehudah Griffin for their time and expertise.

Thank you to Gershon Aronoff and Isaac Brooke for fixing the burnt out lights in the main sanctuary.

To Mrs. Helen Griffin for making the shul menorah look new!

To Rabbi Sholom Mostofsky, Gershon Aronoff, Jonathan Goldstein, and all others who assisted. for spending much of Friday, Dec. 5, repairing the Eruv..

To Rebbetzin Chamie Haber and her committee, who made our Scholar-in-Residence Weekend a rousing success:

Allison Josephs/
Jew in the City
Rabbi Sender Haber All of the sponsors who contributed funds to make this weekend possible
Michele Polevoy Aronoff Shira Itzhak
Rochelle Brinn Sara Litt The Temple/Synagogue Initiative of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater
Amy Brooke Tehilla Mostofsky

To everyone who helped make the party in the shul sukkah such a success. We’ll add more names as we receive the information:

Brina Weissman,
Event Chair
Chava Goldberg,
Liaison with Hummus Express
The Rubanowitz family, who traveled here especially to reconnect with us, and especially Rabbi Rubanowitz, who spoke so movingly about what we celebrate on the holiday of Sukkos. It was a true joy to have them join us.
Doers of “Everything”:
Michele Aronoff
Gershon Aronoff
Hummus Express
Assisted by Shmuel Itzhak
Our Fine Musicians:
Sid Bridge
Joey Miller
Michael Weissman
Handling the Door:
Becky Roberts

To Rabbi Sholom Mostofsky and Shmuel Schwartz for mowing the shul‘s lawns before Sukkos.

Always, special thanks to Gershon Aronoff, for setting up the shul’s Sukkah, to Rabbi Sholom Mostofsky and his team of helpers for inspecting and repairing the eruv no matter what the weather, and to Michele Aronoff for gathering, assembling, and getting out information on which we all rely in addition to her myriad other duties at the shul.

To Nisanel and Naftali Schwartz for helping Rabbi Mostofsky with shul gardening. Also to Noam Itzhak and Rabbi Mostofsky for Eruv repairs.

To visiting SEED Girls: Chaya, Avigayil, Goldi, Toby, and Miri and our local SEED Girls: Yehudis, Rachel Sarah, and Esther, here from all over the world to work with our children at Camp Ruach and teach the women of our community these past weeks.

From Esther Sarah Carroll to all of the people who came out in oppressive heat to honor Menachem‘s memory at the unveiling and made sure we had minyan for kaddish. It meant a great deal to me.

To Gershon Aronoff for mowing the shul lawn before Shavuos.

To the volunteers who made our participation in israel fest 5774 so successful:

Michelle Aronoff Shira Itzhak Diana Ruchelman
Ruth Cohen Ayelet Itzhak Gedalia Schwartz
David Edery Lisa Kingsley Elka Shereshevsky
Malka Edery Joe Miller Chani Wecker
Adam Goldberg Michael & Marcy Mostofsky Michael Weissman
Chava Goldberg, Event Chair Dvorah Peck Brina Weissman
Chamie Haber Andie Pollock Debbie Wilson


Mazal Tov, Updated May 19

Mazal Tov

We now publish notices of birth only if families directly contact WebMama to request it, so as to respect privacy. She still wishes you all Mazal Tov! 🙂

May 19: To this year’s college graduates Joshua Edery, University of Maryland , College Park; Merric Srour, University of Maryland, Baltimore County; and Ilana Peck, Stern College.

May 12: To Esty (Erica) Drory and Noach Gruen on their engagement. Also to parents Nathan and Leora Drory, Jeff and Judy Gruen, and families.

May 1: To Jenny Lefcoe and Shneur Wallach (and their families) on their engagement!

Apr. 21: To Mendy Weinreb and the Weinreb family on Mendy’s becoming Bar Mitzvah.

To Zipporah Goldberg and the Goldberg family on Zipporah’s becoming Bas Mitzvah.

Apr. 4: To Drs. Gary Siegel and Laurie Goldsticker on the engagement of their daughter Marni to Lt. Mark McClure.

Feb. 27: To Ro’ee Mor and Abigail SImon and families on the couple’s engagement.

Feb. 10: To Dovie Tessler and his parents, Rabbi Avraham and Rachel Tessler, on Dovie’s becoming Bar Mitzvah.

Jan. 26: To the Mostofsky and Mayerfeld families, and especially to Nachi and Sarah Mostofsky on their marriage last night!

Jan. 11: To Jesse Rabinowitz, Becca Tanen, and their families on their engagement.

Dec. 30: To Merric and Eliana Srour and their families, on their marriage this week. Sheva Brachos at shul, shalosh seudos, this Shabbos.

Shabbos Kallah for Adina Mostofsky 2:30 PM this Shabbos afternoon at Mostofskys.

Dec. 13: To Daniel and Alina Brodsky Vaisman, newly married, and their families.

To Sruli Twerski, YAK Graduate, and Chana Frankel, sister of BINA student Libby Frankel, on their engagement.

Nov. 20: To Aharon (Andrew) and Baila Rus (Brittney) Zharnest, on their marriage. This week’s Shalosh Seudos, Nov. 26, will be a sheva brachos for them.  To sponsor or prepare something in the shul for the event, please contact Chamie Haber ASAP.

Nov. 16: To Jesse and Bracha Slone on their recent marriage! Also to the entire Slone and Weissman families.

Nov. 12: To Aaron and Ruth Cohen and family on celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary. Ad meah v’esrim together!

Oct. 19: To the Mostofsky, Mayerfeld, and Nathan families, celebrating engagements, B”H, here in Norfolk: Nachie Mostofsky to Sarah Mayerfeld; also (see earlier listing) Adina Mostofsky to Yudi Nathan.

To Rabbi Aharon and Sarah Lipman and family.

Sep. 6: To Jordan and Laurie Slone and family, on the engagement of son Jesse to Bracha Weissman. Also to Rivky and Shloimy Weissman, parents of the kallah, and family, of Lawrence, New York.

Sep. 5: To Rabbi Sholom and Tehilla Mostofsky on the engagement of their daughter, Adina Malka, to Yudi Nathan of Boston.  Also to the young couple and the entire Mostofsky and Nathan families.

Sep. 4: To Noam and Shayna Itzhak and the Itzhak and Schwarzberg families on the young couple’s recent marriage.

Jul. 20: To Rabbi Velvel and Raizy Cook and family.

Jul. 1: David and Ingrid Edery and the Edery and Srour families on the engagement of daughter Eliana Edery to Merric Srour, son of Joyce and Nino Srour of Silver Spring, MD.  Josh Edery and Yosef Frankel made the shidduch!

Jun. 24: To Ely Bloch on his graduation from Maury High School.

Jun. 17: Andrew Zharnest and Bayla Rus Rosengren and families, on their recent engagement.

Jun. 8: To Rose Lefcoe who graduated from Eighth Grade at Cape Henry Collegiate. Rose plans to attend BINA High School next year.

Jun. 3: To Rabbi Chaim Harpaz, named Jewish Educator of the Year by UJFT.  We congratulate this very skilled rebbe and thank him for teaching our children.

Also, with a thank-you to our members who participated in the ATID Community Leadership development program this year. Graduation is scheduled for Jun. 7, 5:30 PM @ Simon JCC.

May 27: To our college graduates, Noam Itzhak and his kallah, Shayna Schwarzberg, who graduated from Yeshiva University/Stern College respectively, and Moshe Edery, graduate of Touro College.

To Rabbi Sender and Chamie Haber and family on the birth last week of Chava Tehila.

May 20: To Dr. Sam and Danielle Leibovici for their work on the exciting new book, The Kippah, by Rabbi Moshe Becker, with forewords by Dr. Leibovici and Rabbi Sender Haber. For more information, click here.  Order once it’s available online or reserve a copy with Rabbi Haber.

May 9: To Rabbi and Sarah Lipman on moving to their new home. Elka Shereshevsky is organizing meals for them this week; please contact her to help.

May 6: To Aryeh Leib Litt on the celebration of his Bar Mitzva this Shabbos.  Also to parents Rabbi Gershon and Sara Litt, brothers, grandparents and the extended Litt, Weissman and Grinberg families.

Apr. 11: To Rabbi Yosef and Hadassa Lowenbraun on the engagement of their son Shloimy.

Apr. 8: To Noam Itzhak and Highland Park, NJ’s Shayna Schwarzberg, on their engagement.  Also to the Itzhak, Low, and Schwarzberg families.

To Shani and Yaakov Yisrael Schwartz on their wedding this past week.  Also to the entire Schwartz and Berger families, including Gedalia, Jodi, and children.

To Mendel Chakoff and the whole Chakoff family on his becoming Bar Mitzvah.

Mar. 11: To the Brinn family.

Feb. 26: To the Varsity Basketball team of Yeshivas Aish Kodesh for winning the league basketball championship for the second year in a row!

To BINA High School on receiving re-accreditation from AdvancED‘s external review team this week.   They scored above the average in all domains of the review.  Yasher Koach to BINA’s accreditation team!

Feb. 25: To the Perry family on their move to a new home.  Elka Shereshevsky is organizing meals.

To David and Hadassah Swain, Joyce, Daniel, the Hendons and extended family.

Also to Rabbi Ephraim and Chaya Etti Adler and family.

Feb, 3, 2016:To the Schwartz and Berger families on the engagement of Shani Schwartz and Yaakov Yisrael Berger. She is the daughter of Rabbi Ephraim and Aliza Schwartz. He’s son of Eliezer and Mindi Berger of Har Nof. Mazel tov, too, to Uncle Gedalia and Aunt Jodi Schwartz and family.

Dec. 25: To Dr. Behrooz and Trudy Dayanim on the celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary this Shabbos.  Welcome to their family who join them for the celebration.

Dec. 3: To Pesach and Leah Schwartz on the engagement of their daughter, Yehudis to Aron Roth of New Hyde Park, NY. Also to the entire Schwartz and Roth families!

Nov. 20: To Lila Bridge on the celebration of her bas mitzvah this Shabbos.  Also to parents, Sid and Amy Bridge, her siblings, and  grandparents, Aaron and Ruth Cohen, and Esther Bridge.

Also to the Ruchelman family. They know why!

Nov. 2: To Miriam and Zecharia Kopels, on their new home.

Sep. 4: To Minna Bracha Haber, celebrating becoming Bas Mitzva this Shabbos, to Rabbi Sender and Chamie Haber and their entire family, here and abroad.

To Mrs. Chana Baer on the recent wedding of her granddaughter in Israel.

Aug. 14: To Aron Slone and Devorah “Dee” Biderman on his Aufruf this Shabbos and their upcoming wedding.  Also to extended family, Aron’s parents, Jordan and Laurie Slone, brothers Jacob, Miri and children, and Jesse, and sister Anna, grandparents Norman and Dorothy Slone and Natalie Aron; to the Kallah’s parents, Shlomo and Miriam Biderman, and to everyone celebrating with them.

Aug. 8: To Benn and Jackie Richels, in honor of their upcoming 50th wedding anniversary, and to Asher and Elise Wolf, on their 25th wedding anniversary.

Jul. 17: A big Mazal Tov to all of our kehilla‘s new parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents on recent births. Can’t mention names in the interests of privacy, but enjoy much nachas, all of you.

Jun. 12: To Drs. Laurie Goldsticker and Gary Siegel on their upcoming marriage this weekend.  Together, may they build a bayis ne’eman b’Yisroel (a true home in Israel).

Jun. 5: To Aron Slone on his engagement to Devorah “Dee” Biderman, daughter of Shlomie and Miriam Biderman.  Mazel tov to the extended Slone, Aron and Biderman families.

Jun. 1: To Chana Brooke, daughter of Jeff and Amy Brooke, granddaughter of Leonard and Ellie Brooke and Herb and Ann Zukerman, on her graduation from Touro College and on her engagement to Max Landesman. Max is from Miami, currently in Chicago.  (Per Michele, in keeping with family tradition, Max has a twin brother.)   Mazal tov to the Brooke, Zukerman, and Landesman families.

May 29:  To Ari Goldberg on the
celebration of his Bar Mitzvah this
Shabbos. Also to parents,
Lt. Commander Adam and Chava Goldberg, and family.

May 21: To Yeshivas Aish Kodesh, once again recommended for accreditation by AdvancED.  Our boys impressed with their good midos, commitment to learning, and active participation.  Mazal tov to the entire YAK community!

Apr. 29: To Rabbi Yosef and Dassi Lowenbraun and the entire Lowenbraun and Klein families on the engagement of Menachem Lowenbraun to Chayala Klein.

Apr. 23: To Tzvi Shevach Rubin and his entire family on the celebration of his Bar Mitzvah this Shabbos.

Apr. 2: To Drs. Laurie Goldsticker and Gary Siegel on their recent engagement.

Feb. 13:  To David and Hadassah Swain—and the entire Swain and Linzer families—on their wedding!

Jan. 21: To Barney and Bette Lou Siegel, on the birth of their second great-
Yehudis Sendler, daughter of Shimshon and Sorah Feige Sendler of University Heights, OH. (Originally submitted earlier; information updated today.)

 Jan. 14: To Rabbi Yitzchak and Shaina Ettel Menda on the birth of a daughter, Yiska.  Rabbi Menda is the head of Judaic Studies at the Hebrew Academy of Tidewater. Rashi Brashevitzsky is organizing meals for the Mendas.

Jan. 9: To Leonard and Diana Ruchelman on the birth of a great-grandson, born to Adina and Eliyahu Prero. Also to grandparents, Rabbi Zischa and Lauren Shaps and Rabbi Elisha and Miriam Prero.

Dec. 31: To Benn and Jackie Richels on the birth of their first great-grandchild, a girl, to Hadassah and Zachariah Blackstein, daughter of Asher and Elise Wolf.

Dec. 30: To Avigail Silver and Yosef Karash (of Monsey), who became engaged yesterday evening, to her parents, Rabbi Chaim and Nami Silver, and to the entire Silver and Karesh families. A vort is planned for Sunday, Jan. 4, 2015, 2–5 PM in Monsey, NY.

The vort for David Swain and Hadassah Linzer is planned for Sunday, Jan. 4, 2015, 2:30–4:30 PM in Baltimore, MD.

Dec. 19: To David Swain on his engagement to Hadassah Linzer this week.  Also to  Joyce Swain, Daniel Swain, and Aliza and Kenny Hendon as well as the Linzer family.

Dec. 11: To Jason and Alison Ohana on the bris of Yaakov Sholom.

Elka Shereshevsky will coordinate meals for the Steins and Ohanas.Please ocntact her ASAP if you can help.

Dec. 2: To Rabbi Yisroel and Michal Stein on the birth of a daughter, Nechama.

To Rabbi Shaul and Chayala Lefkovitz on the bris of son Yaakov Zev.

Nov. 21: To Sarah Blais on the celebration of her becoming bas mitzvah this Shabbos. Also to her parents, David and Pam Blais, sister Jillian, and extended family.

Nov. 2: To Rabbi Avram and Shira Rubin on the bris of their son, Yehoshua.

Oct. 30: To Rabbi Avram and Shira Rubin on the birth of a baby boy on Oct. 24. To help with meals, starting with this Shabbos, contact Helen Schloss-Griffin.

Oct. 21: Elka, Chaim and Pesha Shereshevsky sent a beautiful thank-you message to the shul, which Michele forwarded to the congregation in her Oct. 21 e-mail, citing the many, many members of their family and our Norfolk community for incredible contributions of expertise and heroic effort to make Chaim’s Bar Mitzvah celebration so special. Congratulations to all who made it a beautiful event, and, again, mazal tov to Chaim and family!
Oct. 8: To Chaim Shereshevsky and the entire Shereshevsky and Verschleisser families on the celebration of his becoming Bar Mitzvah on the second day of Sukkos (Friday). There will be a kiddush in his honor in the B’nai Israel Sukkah after services on Friday.

Oct. 6: To Jacob and Miri Slone on the birth of a daughter.  Also to grandparents Jordan and Laurie Slone, aunt Anna, and uncles Aron and Jesse.

To Yonah Lev Friedman and Rebecca Davidson on their engagement, and to the Friedman and Davidson families.

Sep. 30: To Zechariah and Miriam Kopels on the birth of a daughter, Lila Rose.

Sep. 16: To Mike and Naomi Zelikovich on the birth of daughter Devorah Chana. Also to grandparents Jonathan and Meryl Goldstein, Stanley and Luba Zelikovich, and big brothers Benna, Shimmy and Shua.

Sep. 5: To Seth and Melissa Schoenfeld and the Schoenfeld and Bridge families on the birth of daughter Sarah Leah on Labor Day, Sept. 1.

Aug. 29: To Pesach and Lea Schwartz and the entire Schwartz and Gross families on the celebration of Eliezer Chaim‘s becoming Bar Mitzvah.

To Toby Lederfeind, a BINA grad, and Sruli Hirsch and their relatives, including our own Rabbi and Rebbetzin Haber and family, on their engagement!

To Leonard and Diana Ruchelman for the following simchas: 1.  Yosef Shaps, grandson, received s’micha from Yeshiva of Chafetz Chaim. Parents are Rabbi Zischa and Lauren Shaps. 2.  Sarah Ruchelman and Ezra Cowan plan to marry August 21 in Baltimore. Parents are Charlie and Cindy Ruchelman.

To Rabbi Sender and Chamie Haber and family on the birth of a nephew.

Aug, 8: To Rabbi Chaim and Nami Silver and family on the upcoming wedding of Yisroel Meir and Mindy Levin.

To Moshe Purec and Shira Baila Seldes (our BISLI leader), whose vort is planned for next Sunday, August 17, 2014, 2-4 PM.

Aug. 1: To Great-Grandma Irene Mazel, grandparents Rabbi Maish (Mark) and Hindy Mazel of Woodmere, NY, and Mommy and Daddy Tamar and Shimmy Ramars on the birth of triplets (one boy, two girls).

Jul. 29: To the Lowenbraun and Ingber families on the upcoming Bar Mitzvah celebration of Moishe, son of Rabbi and Mrs. Yosef Lowenbraun. Details.

Jul.25: To Basi Price on being sworn in as an American citizen this past week. Sharing in celebration are husband Meir Price, grandmother Ruth Rothman, and the Price and Rothman families.

Jul. 18: To (Morah) Shira Baila Seldes and Moshe Purec on their engagement. Mr. Purec is a YAK graduate.

Jul. 6: To Rabbi Gershon and Sara Litt, on the birth of a son!

Jul. 4: To Tuvia (Brian) & Michal Lipp of Williamsburg, VA , Sheila Lipp (grandmother), and their entire families on the birth of a son last night.

Jul. 3: To the family of Pesach and Lea Schwartz and the entire Schwartz and Gross families on the birth of a daughter to Pesach and Lea. May we merit celebrating more happy occasions as a community!

Jun. 27: To Leonard and Diana Ruchelman on the engagement of their granddaughter, Sarah Ruchelman, daughter of Charlie and Cindy Ruchelman of Silver Spring, to Ezra Cowan, son of Rabbi Yermiyahu and Chaya Cowan of Jerusalem, Israel.

Jun. 23:
To Gal and Limor Nagar on the birth of a daughter this past Shabbos.

To Danny and Linda Minkow (former members) on the birth of a daughter this past Shabbos.

May 30: To Gila Chava and Shlomo Einhorn, Gila’s parents Pesach and Leah Schwartz, and everyone in both families on Gila and Shlomo’s recent marriage. The shul will make Sheva Brachos for them at Shalosh Seudos. Everyone is welcome to attend.

To Commander Neal Brinn on his assignment as Commanding Officer of the Carter Hall (USN). The Brinns will host an oneg this evening in honor of Nosson’s new command.  Please join them at their home after the Friday night meal.

To Sima Margolit Wilson and family on her becoming Bas Mitzvah this Shabbos!

B’nai Israel Calendar

The B’nai Israel Calendar had served as a community reference for over 60 years. We didn’t publish this year, and many of us missed it. So, once again, we will publish the calendar.  We are starting early this year to gather information and ads so that we all have a chance to participate.

We ask you, the members of B’nai Israel, to provide names, addresses (and e-mail addresses if you have them) for businesses you patronize regularly. Calendar Committee members will solicit the ads for you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office.  If you would like to help on the project, please let Michele know.