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Society of Professionals Directory

Application deadline: May 1

The Society of Professionals is creating a brand new directory that reflects the diversity, interests, and values of its membership. The directory will have a permanent online presence on the homepage of the UJFT website, as well as be available in printed hardcopies that will be distributed this summer to Jewish agencies and businesses throughout the area.
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Maos Chittin

As part of our preparation for Pesach, we are encouraged by Jewish law to donate funds to ensure that others have the means to prepare Pesach as well. Please contribute to our local Maos Chittin fund by making your check to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund, and submitting it to Rabbi Haber or the office. Thank you to all who have contributed. We also gratefully acknowledge the support of the Orthodox Union in supplementing the Maos Chittin funds of our community.

OK to return your goods to your shtenders!

Tue., Apr. 4

On behalf of  the Board and myself I want to thank everyone who cooperated in the shtender clean out yesterday. We were able to do a much needed clean out of the sanctuary shtenders and we are now ready for a kosher Pesach. I invite everyone to return their personal property to the shtenders. I want to remind everyone to be careful not to bring any Chametz into the shul. Please be mindful of what your children bring in as well.

I want to remind everyone that books from our library are for everyone’s use. Please use and enjoy all those books but do not put them in your personal shtender (or take them home) without the Rabbi’s express permission. If you put it in your shtender you stop everyone else from an opportunity to enjoy it. Lets be considerate of our brethren (and sisters) and our own needs will be taken care of automatically.

Chag Kosher V’Somayach, Michael Mostofsky