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B’nai Tzedek: TJF for Teens

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The Tidewater Jewish Foundation is very excited to debut an exciting new program just for teens! The B’nai Tzedek Teen Philanthropy Program encourages teens to become involved in tzedakah by establishing a fund for Jewish charitable giving. Opening a B’nai Tzedek fund gives your teen a chance to play a part in improving your community and the world. So how does this work?
Donate at least $250 to the Tidewater Jewish Foundation (TJF) in order to establish a fund in the name of your teen! TJF will match your gift with another $250 for a starting fund balance of $500! Your teen can learn about the needs of the Jewish community—locally, in Israel and around the world. Each year, fund holders, your teens, can grant 5% of their fund to a Jewish charity of their choice. In essence, you are empowering your kids to take ownership of their own philanthropy—a valuable lesson that we know pays off! Please contact the Tidewater Jewish Foundation for more information.

Thank You, Updated Feb. 11

Thank you, Rabbi Menachem Nissel, for coming to teach us this weekend.

List of volunteers to be posted. Thank you to all who made these events so enjoyable and successsful.

Thank you to Shari Berman, Jodi Schwartz, Chamie Haber, Shaina Ettel Menda, and all the other volunteers and “Table Mavens” who made The Great Big Challah Bake such a success. This list is incomplete, and will be updated when we receive a more inclusive one.

We would like to thank Rebbitzen Chamie Haber for arranging babysitting from Rosh Hashana through Shmini Atzeres. We had wonderful sitters. Please consider contributing toward the cost of their wages, especially if your children were in their care.

Rochelle Smith & Chava Goldberg would like to thank the following people for their help with the Pizza in the Hut event. Without them, this event would not have been the success that it was! Yasher Koach to:

Alexandria “A-Town” (Rochelle’s cousin who had no idea what was in store for her when she decided to roll into this town!) Nat Sims (of course)
Lisa Kingsley Brina Weissman
Un-named person who knows who he is! Rabbis Rudin, Danziger, & Bauman
Avigail, Elisheva, & Adam Perry Andrew “Aharon” Zharnest
Leah Greenwald Michelle Aronoff
Amy Bridge Leah, Zipporah, Ari, & Zev-Adi Goldberg (who had no choice)


On behalf of Rabbi Haber, we would like to thank the members of the Norfolk Kollel for stepping up in his absence.

We would like to thank the girls of the SEED Program for coming to Norfolk this summer and running Camp Ruach/SEED. The children had a wonderful time!

On behalf of Rabbi Haber, we would like thank all of those volunteers who made the program a true success: Helen Schloss-Griffin, Andie Pollock, Debbie Wilson, Chana Leah Rothman, Diana Ruchelman, Miriam Wilson, Benna Zelikovich and Brina Weissman and the Jewish Family Services of Tidewater and of course all of you who attended the events. Michele Aronoff noted that she hopes she has not omitted anyone. Dr. Pelcovitz’s books are still available for purchase at shul and are in the atrium (near the Gift Shop).

May 20: To Dr. Michael Weissman for your fine leadership of our congregation this past year.

Mar. 11: This Motzei Shabbos will be the final Parent/Child Learning for the season. Thank you to Dr. Schwartz for another successful season.

A note from Esther Bridge, Event Chair:
Thank you to these special folks who helped to make
the Annual Comedy Night a success!
Michele Aronoff Lisa Kingsley Elka Shereshevsky
Amy Bridge Joey Miller Pesha Shereshevsky
Bekka Bridge Chana Leah Rothman Chana Sims
Rena Bridge Melissa Schoenfeld Nat Sims
Leah Goldberg Gedalia Schwartz Brina Weissman
Shana Goldfarb Nechama Werther
Sid Bridge, who put this wonderful show together for us!
A big shout-out to our sponsors: The Over the Hill Gang
and Rob Kowalsky
of Good N’ Green

To the B’nai Israel Sisterhood for the new silk flower arrangement for the main sanctuary.

To Helen Schloss-Griffin for the repairs she made to one of our Torah Crowns.

Leah Mostofsky would like to thank the following people,
who have already contributed to the Norfolk Shtick Gemach:
Shulamit and Dovid Blumenthal Avigayil and Baruch Murkoff Irene Ullman
Phyllis and Shia Lome Toby Leiderfeind Debbie and Ken Wilson
We are still taking contributions for more items to be ready for our first wedding.

Leah also asks the community to please daven for Tzvia Hinda bas Chaya Gittel.
This gemach has been named in her zechus for her to have a speedy refuah shelaima.

To all who donated toward kiddushim for SukkosMichele says some new treats promise to be good!

From Leah Esther Mostofsky:  Dear members of B’nai, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to those who have helped make my shtick Gemach take off. Baruch Hashem, I have gotten donations that have helped me get started. I look forward to you all seeing your donations in action at Chana’s wedding!   Thanks so much, Leah Mostofsky

To the Seed Girls (Ilana, Chumi, Rivky, Suri and Leah) for making July very meaningful and for serving as counselors for Camp Ruach 5775.

Adam Goldberg, on behalf of Toras Chaim, thanks those who worked to set up Toras Chaim‘s camera system: Rabbi Avi Rubin, Gershon Aronoff, Mendy Weinreb, Shmuel Schwartz, Aaron Loiterman, Mattisyahu Loiterman, and Rabbi Mordechai Loiterman.  Special thanks to David Edery and Yehudah Griffin for their time and expertise.

Thank you to Gershon Aronoff and Isaac Brooke for fixing the burnt out lights in the main sanctuary.

To Mrs. Helen Griffin for making the shul menorah look new!

To Rabbi Sholom Mostofsky, Gershon Aronoff, Jonathan Goldstein, and all others who assisted. for spending much of Friday, Dec. 5, repairing the Eruv..

To Rebbetzin Chamie Haber and her committee, who made our Scholar-in-Residence Weekend a rousing success:

Allison Josephs/
Jew in the City
Rabbi Sender Haber All of the sponsors who contributed funds to make this weekend possible
Michele Polevoy Aronoff Shira Itzhak
Rochelle Brinn Sara Litt The Temple/Synagogue Initiative of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater
Amy Brooke Tehilla Mostofsky

To everyone who helped make the party in the shul sukkah such a success. We’ll add more names as we receive the information:

Brina Weissman,
Event Chair
Chava Goldberg,
Liaison with Hummus Express
The Rubanowitz family, who traveled here especially to reconnect with us, and especially Rabbi Rubanowitz, who spoke so movingly about what we celebrate on the holiday of Sukkos. It was a true joy to have them join us.
Doers of “Everything”:
Michele Aronoff
Gershon Aronoff
Hummus Express
Assisted by Shmuel Itzhak
Our Fine Musicians:
Sid Bridge
Joey Miller
Michael Weissman
Handling the Door:
Becky Roberts

To Rabbi Sholom Mostofsky and Shmuel Schwartz for mowing the shul‘s lawns before Sukkos.

Always, special thanks to Gershon Aronoff, for setting up the shul’s Sukkah, to Rabbi Sholom Mostofsky and his team of helpers for inspecting and repairing the eruv no matter what the weather, and to Michele Aronoff for gathering, assembling, and getting out information on which we all rely in addition to her myriad other duties at the shul.

To Nisanel and Naftali Schwartz for helping Rabbi Mostofsky with shul gardening. Also to Noam Itzhak and Rabbi Mostofsky for Eruv repairs.

To visiting SEED Girls: Chaya, Avigayil, Goldi, Toby, and Miri and our local SEED Girls: Yehudis, Rachel Sarah, and Esther, here from all over the world to work with our children at Camp Ruach and teach the women of our community these past weeks.

From Esther Sarah Carroll to all of the people who came out in oppressive heat to honor Menachem‘s memory at the unveiling and made sure we had minyan for kaddish. It meant a great deal to me.

To Gershon Aronoff for mowing the shul lawn before Shavuos.

To the volunteers who made our participation in israel fest 5774 so successful:

Michelle Aronoff Shira Itzhak Diana Ruchelman
Ruth Cohen Ayelet Itzhak Gedalia Schwartz
David Edery Lisa Kingsley Elka Shereshevsky
Malka Edery Joe Miller Chani Wecker
Adam Goldberg Michael & Marcy Mostofsky Michael Weissman
Chava Goldberg, Event Chair Dvorah Peck Brina Weissman
Chamie Haber Andie Pollock Debbie Wilson


Volunteer Update from Shari Berman

Michal Stein and Shari Berman are working on the melave malka at shul this weekend.  They requested volunteers to help cook, shop, set up and clean up for the event. We have a tasty dairy (cholov Yisroel) menu planned of lasagnas, soups, quiches, salads and desserts.

Shari sent out an e-mail update today with additional details. Here’s part of it below:

Dear Friends-

Thank you to everyone who responded to my request for help with the melava malka

I will be in the dairy kitchen at shul tomorrow from 10:00-3:00.  Please let me know if you can come in to help cook.  I will be giving out the recipes—so you really just need to come in ready to cook!  I will also be in the kitchen from 10:00-1:00 on Friday as well.

Looking forward to hearing from you…

Thanks so much!


B’nai Israel Scholar-in-Residence Schedule 5777

Click image for more about this exciting Shabbos.

Don’t miss this opportunity to mark Shabbos Shira and the New Year for Trees with one of Israel’s most popular teachers.

Greet: Mincha and kabbalas Shabbos with brief words on the parsha by Rabbi Nissel.

Sing: An oneg at the Slone residence. Enjoy relaxed socializing, song, and a unique presentation on Shabbos Shira by Rabbi Nissel.

Grow: Join us for davening on Shabbos morning followed by a Tu B’shvat talk by Rabbi Nissel.

Taste: Join Rabbi Nissel and the B’nai Israel community in a special Tu B’shvat Shabbos lunch.

Category Lunch Cost
Adult (12 years old and up) $20
Children (ages 5–11) $10
Maximum Family Cost $75

Learn: Explore Jewish leadership in a class for men and women at B’nai Israel. The class will include a special presentation on Rabbi Nissel’s teacher, Rav Moshe Schapiro, zt”l.

Ask: Bring a friend to a fun melave malka with a presentation on prayer, followed by Q & A, with Rabbi Nissel.

Rabbi Menachem Nissel is a renowned speaker and author who has inspired thousands throughout the world. He is a widely published author including the highly acclaimed Rigshei Lev—Women and Tefillah: Perspectives, Laws, and Customs (Targum/Feldheim, 2001). He has the rare ability to translate lofty concepts into practical daily living, spiced with irrepressible British humor. He is a senior lecturer for Ner LeElef (World Center For Jewish Leadership Training and Community Outreach) and teaches in yeshivas and seminaries in Jerusalem. He is the Senior Educator for NCSY, the worldwide youth group of the Orthodox Union. He has an MBA from the London Business School.

JELF Loans for Education

JELFApplications for interest-free loans for post-secondary education (college, graduate school and vocational programs) will be available to Jewish students in your area for the 2016-2017 school year from JELF (Jewish Educational Loan Fund). The loan application will be available Mar. 1–Apr. 30, and again from Sep. 1–Sep. 30 on JELF’s website,

JELF loans are need-based and offer “last-dollar” financing, meaning that JELF provides the final dollars that bridge the gap between a student’s total financial resources and the cost of attending school. Applicants must be enrolled full-time in a program leading to a degree or certificate at an accredited institution located in the United States, be a U.S. citizen, or have lawful immigration status in the U.S., and be able to demonstrate financial need. FAFSA required. For more information, contact or, or call 770-396-3080.