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Message from Rabbi Stein: Continuing The Shabbos Project

B”H, The Shabbos Project was a big success in our community. People from all different backgrounds came together to observe one Shabbos in it’s entirety. Let us not let the inspiration go away. Please stay in touch with new friends that you made or hosted over this past Shabbos. Please invite them back to our community very soon so that they don’t have to wait until next year to enjoy Shabbos again. If you need help getting in touch with them I can help you get their contact information. It is up to all of us to make sure that the beauty and fruits from this Shabbos stay with us and them for a long time.

Thank you.

Yisroel Stein
P.S. If you have not yet paid for the dinner, please do so ASAP. Write Shabbos Project in the memo line. Thank you.

A Shabbos Project Message from Rabbi Haber

Good Afternoon!

We have several “Rosh Hashanas” throughout the year. There is the main Rosh Hashana in Tishrei, but then there is Tu B’shvat for trees, Shavuos for Torah thoughts, and Pesach for holidays. On Rosh Hashana, we get a boost of inspiration and we hope that boost will keep us going all year.

Let’s make this week our own ‘Rosh Hashana’ for Shabbos.

Thank G-d, we B’nai Israelites celebrate Shabbos every week with guests and songs and Torah, but sometimes we forget just how precious Shabbos is and how much potential it holds.

Please embrace this Shabbos.

Come Friday night, come earlier Shabbos morning, join in the singing, study the parsha, come to the classes, and make sure that every friend and stranger who walks into shul feels comfortable and welcome.

Most importantly, this is our week to remind ourselves why we keep Shabbos every week.

The Rambam recommends that we spend a few quiet moments before Shabbos contemplating the day we are about to start. That’s hard to do every week, but it’s worth doing today. There will be babysitting at Kabbolas Shabbos* and someone else preparing your meal. Give yourself the gift of Shabbos.

And feel free to inspire others as well. We have many guests staying in our community for the entire Shabbos and another special Shabbos coming up on Shabbos Shira (2/11) with Rabbi Nissel as our scholar-in-residence.

Make sure you and those around you end this Shabbos inspired and looking forward to the next one.

A Guten Erev Shabbos,

S Haber

*Babysitting has been arranged during all Tefilos (services) and classes.