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Admor Kosher Survey Request

Admor Kosher Intro Letter HRKosher Survey

Admor Kosher LogoMr. Eitan Mor, who is developing Admor Kosher, a local supplier of kosher goods, asks that we fill out a survey to help him better meet kosher needs here in Hampton Roads.

Some of you have received this material in the last couple of shul e-mails. With Mr. Mor’s permission, we are publishing his letter and survey for your convenience and to reach a larger segment of the kosher community. Click links above for his introductory letter and survey form. Please complete the survey and return it to

Light Two Menorahs

In addition to the merit of the mitzvah, we are taught that Beautifying the Menorah brings great blessings for our children. At B’nai Israel (as at all shuls), we light a special menorah every morning and night. Please be a part of this mitzvah in the merit of your children and/or grandchildren. Sponsorship is $36, one dollar per candle, and we will accept a maximum of ten sponsorships. Please contact Rabbi Haber directly to participate in this seasonal opportunity.