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Welcome! Updated Nov. 2

Welcome_plNov. 2: To Chana and Nat Sims, who moved here from New Jersey.

Aug. 18: Toras Chaim‘s new Rebbi, Rabbi Aharon and Sarah Lipman. Rebbetzin Chamie Haber will organize meals for them for next week. Contact her if you can help.

Aug. 3: To Rabbi Shmuel and Rivki Katz, the newest members of the Norfolk Area Community Kollel. If you would like to make dinner for the Katzes, please contact Rebbetzin Chamie Haber.

Jul. 17: To Mrs. Leah Greenwald and her family, joining us from Brooklyn, NY.

Jul. 3: To the Seed Girls:  Ilana, Chumi, Rivki, Suri, and Leah.  Camp Ruach is going great and the kids are having a blast!

May 4: To Rabbi Velvel and Raizy Cook, newest members of the Norfolk Area Community

Nov. 21: To Rabbi and Mrs. Wolf, who are visiting this week and considering a position with the Kollel. Rabbi Wolf will speak in shul Friday night.

Nov. 7: To the newest B’nai Israel family, Mr. and Mrs. Yishai Romanov and family!

Oct. 22: Rabbi Moshe and Malka Rubinovich.  Rabbi Rubinovich is the newest addition to the Norfolk Area Community Kollel (NACK).

Sep. 2: Rabbi and Mrs. Baruch Danziger and family.  Rabbi Danziger will be the new Rosh Kollel (head of study) for the Norfolk Area Community Kollel. Helen Griffin,, is arranging meals. Please contact her if you can help.

Aug. 19: Rabbi & Mrs. Lewin and family plan to move into town on Thursday, Aug, 21st, Rabbi Lewin is to be the new 1st and 2nd grade teacher at Toras Chaim.

Professor Adam and Avigail Perry and daughter Elisheva expect to arrive on Tuesday the 19th. He is going to serve as professor at CNU; she is will teach at Toras Chaim.

The Mishory family joins us around Labor Day. More than likely, we will do only Shabbos meals for them. We expect more newcomers within the next month, will let you know as soon as their move-in dates are confirmed. Helen Griffin, or 757-635-7373, is organizing meals.

To the Menda family, new to our community.  Rabbi Menda will be Judaic Director at HAT. Mrs. Menda is a sheitel macher!  If you would like to make a meal for the Mendas, please contact Helen Griffin,