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Wedding Shtick Gemach: Add to the Joy of Brides and Grooms!

Shtick Gemach Flyer

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A message from Leah Mostofsky:

Baruch Hashem, our community is constantly growing and there are always simchos going on. We want to be make sure that our Chossons and Kallahs have the best time on their big day. A big part of that is to just make them happy, that’s where shtick comes in. Shtick is meant to just make them laugh and enjoy the dancing and know their friends are there for them. I love seeing a Kallah jumping rope with her mother and popping balloons full of confetti and her already huge smile expands to cover the rest of her face. So I am starting a gemach for the community weddings; whether they be in-town weddings, or for out-of-towners, girls or boys, it will be there to help enhance their simcha.

 I ask that the community see how they can contribute. I have a few big items that are coming in, but I can’t pay and do it all on my own. So, if you are able to donate supplies or make something for the kallah to enjoy, that would be great. Or, if you want to sponsor a certain shtick in zchus for someone, it’s an amazing thing. This is a non-profit organization, but I could use help with the upkeep of the supplies.

 It’s so important to make a chosson and kallah happy on their big day, and Hashem loves when we love each other. So please contact me if you are interested in helping out.    Thanks so much,

Leah Mostofsky