Monthly Archives: August 2015

Preschool Toys Needed!

Message from Rabbi Loiterman:

Hello B’nai members.  B’H, Toras Chaim has the largest preschool enrollment we have ever had, and we have 5 classrooms.  We are in need of good preschool toys to fill our rooms.  If you have any that are in good working order, please let me know.  Thanks!

Keepsake Book for Schwartz Family

A message from Laurie Goldsticker Siegel:

As we say good bye to the Schwartz family, we would like to present them with a book full of good wishes and memories.

Please write a message to the Schwartzes on a 4″ x 6″ index card or paper. Mail it to me or drop it by my house, or e-mail your message. (Michele can forward it to Laurie if you lack her e-mail address.)

Deadline is Sunday, August 16th. 

Feel free to include any pictures you have of the Schwartzes and you or your family.

Shaina Ettel’s Wig and Hair Services

Shaina Ettel’s Wig and Hair Services is open for business. Her salon is located at 201 Queens Way, Norfolk. By appointment only. Please call/text (510) 904-2659.

My Wig Today

Click for more info about the wigs.

Shaina Ettel Menda is a professional hair dresser and sheitel macher since 2005. The Mendas are also the owners of Wig Today, factory direct manufacturers of quality sheitels. Wig Today brings affordable quality wigs to Jewish women everywhere. The wigs will be available for purchase at the salon. More on the wigs can be found at

Shaina Ettel is thrilled to bring her services to the Jewish women of Norfolk. Services include; wig sales, wig wash & sets, wig cuts & trims, wig coloring, wig re-sizing & clip repair, women and children’s haircuts.