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Toras Chaim $100,000 Raffle!

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Click image to visit Toras Chaim’s site and learn more.

Prizes include $1500 electronics, $1500 jewelry, a shas, and other great items: Four tickets to Israel or $5000; a $2000 gift card; a family vacation in Florida; a wig and other prizes.

For more info, click here. Buying a raffle ticket supports our school. The deadline for purchasing your tickets is March 18, 2015.

Cost varies, per how many tickets you purchase:

# of Tickets Cost
1 $100
2 $180
3 $250
5 $375
15 $1,000



Wedding E Eur. 19th cent Public Domain

Eastern European 19th-Century Wedding. Painting is in the public domain. Click image to enjoy a larger view.

Several years ago, we advertised in our newsletter about a special program to help kallahs (brides) who can’t afford to purchase items to furnish their new homes. Kaps4Kallahs was founded by a few Stern College students during finals week of the Fall 2009 semester. After staring at Coke labels instead of studying (those nutrition facts are way more interesting than economics), they realized they could use those mysterious codes under the bottle caps for a higher purpose. By entering codes from Coke—and Diet Coke, Sprite, Diet Sprite, Fanta, Diet Fanta and Powerade—caps into the myCokeRewards program, they could rack up enough points to buy household items for needy Kallahs. Kaps4Kallahs donates its items to Down the Aisle Hachnosas Kallah Gemach in Passaic, NJ.

Fact: Each cap code is worth 3 points
Fact: A set of stoneware mixing bowls costs 2000 points

All you have to do is save the caps, bring them to shul. We’ll do the rest! There will be a container available for your convenience.

Daven for Har Nof injured.

Please continue to daven for refuah sh’leimah
for those injured in the Har Nof attack:
חיים יחיאל בן מלכה (Chaim Yechiel ben Malka)

שמואל ירוחם בן בילא (Shmuel Yeruchem ben Baila)
איתן בן שרה (Eitan ben Sarah)
יצחק בן חיה (Yitzchak ben Chaya)
יעקב בן רבקה רחל (Yaakov ben Rivka Rachel)

Update received Jan. 8 from ESC’s sister in Har Nof, forwarded from the Har Nof Yahoo list.

From Rabbi Haber, re our Brothers and Sisters in Europe…

Some Post-Shabbos newslink updates:,7340,L-3082,00.html

As you know, our brothers and sisters in France and throughout Europe are going through a difficult time this Shabbos. We need to pray for their safety as we remain vigilant in our own community.

There have been conflicting reports in the news. The following is based on an email that I received a few minutes ago from the National Council of Young Israel:

January 9, 2015
18 Teves 5775

Erev Shabbos Kodesh: The situation in Paris befalling our people and the citizens of France is ongoing; many reports have gone out as our brothers and sisters throughout Europe begin Shabbos. We have been told that the rabbinic leaders in Paris have declared that people should not leave their homes to go to Friday night services, a necessary precaution. We have been given a list of names that we should pray for; they may or may not be in grave danger, some may have been killed. At this movement we are told that 4 hostages have been killed (Baruch Dayan Emet) and another 4 hostages are wounded.

The following names have been shared with us, please pray for:

Dominique bat Sarah Jan. 10: Yohan Cohen, sadly, was murdered in the attack.
Zari bat Suzanne Mordehay ben Maya
Esther bat Nina Sandrine Esther bat Blanche Chmouel Ben Sarah Samuel Isaac Ben Sarah
Noémie bat Joëlle Sarah bat Louna Yossef Sibony Andréa bat Josiane
Sandy Charabi Louna bat Noa Sarah Norbert Nissim Perez Jean Luc ben Henriette

May Hashem protect all of us from our enemies.

 Good Shabbos.

 S H

YAK Basketball

This year, Yeshivas Aish Kodesh has 2 basketballs teams: Varsity and Junior Varsity.

The season’s begun. YAK invites everyone to watch their teams play – especially at home games, which take place at the Simon JCC. The next games are:

Junior Varsity: YAK vs. Summit on Monday, January 5th at Summit

Varsity: YAK vs. Summit on Tuesday, January 6th at the JCC
Varsity: YAK vs. Hampton Roads on Wednesday, January 7th at Hampton Roads

Please contact the school for more information about the times and location of the games