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Mr. Shawarma

Mr. Shawarma

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Mr. Shawarma


Shawarma on the spit. Yummy.

727 W. 21st St., Norfolk, VA 23517

Vaad of Tidewater supervision

Phone: 757-962-9966. Call ahead for takeout or eat in the restaurant. Yummy food!
Meat, vegetarian and vegan pareve options.

Norfolk Area Community Kollel

The new Kollel is up and running. Members of the Kollel are available for learning in the shul‘s Beis Medrash nightly from 8:00 PM–10:00 PM. Interested in learning with Kollel members during those hours or at other times during the day, please contact the rabbis directly.

NACK also holds Friday night classes for men and boys at B’nai Israel.