Monthly Archives: September 2014

Supermarket School Support Programs

Now that the school year has begun:

FF 123-4

Farm Fresh is once again issuing their 123-4 the Community program for the schools. Save receipts to turn in and you school will receive needed items.


HT School LinkLink your Harris Teeter eVIC Card to schools you support—at the register or online; each school receives credit each time you purchase a Harris Teeter house branded item.

Shul Kitchen Policy

You must have a Food Handler’s Permit to work in the shul kitchens.

As of Jan. 22, 2014: Both kitchens, Meat and Dairy, are now locked at all times.

All ingredients (i.e., spices, flour, sugar, etc.) that have been left in the kitchen *unmarked*are now possessions of the shul and have been locked in special cabinets.  This is to ensure the kashrus level of the kitchens.

If you need to use the kitchen or get something from the fridge (e.g., your Shlomo’s order or cholov Yisroel milk), please contact either Rabbi Mostofsky or Michele Aronoff to gain entrance to the rooms.

Rabbi Mostofsky and Donna Greenfield have done a lot of work back there and we would like to keep the area nice and neat.