This week’s Parsha: Re’eh



*COVID-19 UPDATE 3.16.20 from Rabbi Sender Haber

After much deliberation and consultation, and in light of the latest recommendations, we have made the decision to suspend all minyanim at shul. While I respect that others may have more creative alternatives, I encourage individuals to make responsible and fully informed choices.  Please try to daven at either sunrise or published times so that we can …

Our Rabbi

Rabbi Sender Haber Rabbi Sender Haber has led B’nai Israel Congregation since August 1, 2012. Under his guidance, we have grown and increased our involvement in the greater Tidewater Jewish Community. Rabbi Haber is well known throughout Hampton Roads, having arrived here over 15 years ago as one of the original four members of the …

Summer Hospitality

As we approach the summer months, please let Mrs. Helen Griffin know if you are able to host guests for sleeping or eating. All guests placed by the hospitality committee are screened by Rabbi Haber. Please have all potential guests call Rabbi Haber’s office directly. He will put them in touch with Mrs. Griffin. If …

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